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If you like following along with the bits from my life that I share – they’re all here!

Free groceries from Marks and Spencer
The final update
It's nearly Christmas!
This Weeks Catch Up
Where We Are This Week
Tracey Hibbett - full face
A Hard Post To Write
Books, Herons, Celandine and Tomatoes
Cooking Up A Storm, Birthdays and Snow
An outside shot of the Cambridge Theatre, London showing the promotion picture on Matilda
Matilda and singing
my 'to be read' pile of books
Best Book Club Books
Books I've read recently
an empty bed because of insomnia
A sleepless night
Cabbage, sultana and nut pasta bake
my meal plan for week 10th August 2020
bean burgers
my meal plan for week 3rd August 2020
olive oil in a jug
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
brazil nuts
my meal plan for week 20Jul20
my meal plan for week 13Jul20
a loft extension
Stuck in limbo in a loft extension
art deco tea set
A Charity Shop Haul
diary of a bookseller
The Diary Of A Bookseller
I won best frugal food blog at the SHOMOs
SHOMOS 2019 and a holiday
the garden in July
The garden in July
the loft
Progress on the loft and on the blog
books I've read recently
Some book suggestions from books that I've read recently
good books I've read
Good books that I've been reading
Reverse advent
Reverse Advent, Slimming World and Books
Hailsham foodbank
A reverse advent for 2017
Progress at last!
Keep calm
Time for a catch up
A day at the SHOMOS
Lots of phone calls and a few tickets
Old tree
A Sunday walk that left me feeling refreshed and uplifted
Silk flowers from Bloom
Changing silk flowers to suit the season
Alnwick castle
And finally, our ultimate destination while away, Rothbury
York minster
What we did in York while we were away
Newark castle
We've been away. This is what we got up to in Newark
What I've been reading lately
The answer to the universe and everything
my perfect wall
We decided to have some rainy day fun today
happy birthday
Birthday celebrations. I'm feeling thoroughly birthdayed!
Scrap book
A charity shop haul
Soy honey and sesame chicken
This months cookery group recipes, including some invented ones
A day out to see Adele at Wembley, what an experience!
Silk flowers
A seasonal change over of my silk flower display
Out the back door
Now it's merely very hot rather than scorching, here are some piccies of the garden
Fascinating speakers at TEDx, and some less so, then wonderful singing
Granary bar
It was the U3A cooking group today, we made LOADS today!
Some beautiful quilts by some very talented people
The west house
The West House and what to cook
Iris and bee
What a gorgeous time of year! Here's a few pics of the garden
I haven't been on holiday, the days have just slipped away and I've neglected you
Alfriston village sign
A bit of a walk and a day out in Alfriston
Apple blossom
Changes in the garden and a walk by the sea
Bargain picture frames, book clubs and the Heffle Fair
Books, bonding, scarecrows and demos
Happy Easter
Easter Fun, Easter Eggs and half price posh chocolate
Me and my mum
Lots of vegetables, houses, birthdays and plants
Roasted roots
I've found a new favourite thing!
A poinsettia
Getting lost 3 miles from home, lots of digging and a few flowers
The Berwick Inn
Bumps, crashes, walks and lunches. Are people out to get me?
Spring flowers
Fresh flowers, and silk ones - a comparison
Hovering kestrel
My first shower, shabby chic and old budgets
Rose covered cake
Lumps and bumps, this weeks foodie treats and off to the hospital
Seaford beach
A new start, a shortened walk, a pub lunch and stubby onions
Blooming fat demo's
The bees, a novel
Bugs, diets (again!) bargain mangoes and books
A good walk and a lovely lunch at the Yew Tree Inn
I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more
Happy New Year
First day of the new year
Christmas Leftovers
Happy Christmas to one and all
Bugs and books
A walk in the sun, a lunch in the pub and big ears
Stuff and Clutter
Stuff and Clutter. I don't want any more of it.
Rye harbour
A walk in the sun, the wind and the cold at Rye - and a nice warm pub
A good speaker, some beautiful flowers and a call to action
Bad company
Good Company, Bad Company and kitchen experiments
Long walks and deep discounts
Can 1 sausage can make 2 sandwiches? Plus a sublime fruit and nut case paste
Saturday at the SHOMOS
Plum pudding
Something old and something new. A lovely pie and a leftovers pudding
Le Marche
Bank Holiday Monday at Le Marche
Kandersteg and the Swiss Alps
Wedding day
The first, or is it the thirty ninth anniversary?
A free day out - the Eastbourne Airbourne
Fancy tomatoes
Treat time
Repeats, next steps and down in the woods
Blowing a gale
The last few days
On our Hols
Overnight oats
This week, a charity shop haul and overnight oats
UK money bloggers. Posts for June 2016
A long walk and UK Money Bloggers posts of the month for June 2016
Insomnia, a good read and Halloumi for dinner
Low fat, high fat
High fat or low fat, where do you stand?
Groombridge Place
Heathfield agricultural show
Heathfield Agricultural Show
Veg, fish, steps, shopping and a demo
Leftovers lunch
Leftovers for lunch
In the garden
A number of books
Back to reality
Rushton hall
Away for a few days
Eastbourne pier
A lovely day in the sun
Home made bread
Chapatti, muffins and a warm salad
Wedding hat
Wedding hats, knits, shrinkage and wild garlic
Joy and jubilation and hang the bunting out
supermarket offers
Did you work it out?
Fridge soup that's Paleo, I think, an avocado smoothie and a breadcrumb topped crumble
Dinner this evening
Another weigh in report - hope I'm not boring you!
Waterstones books
Buying books
Cloud bread
How my feelings were affected by a machine today
weigh in day
A Too Busy Week
if it's important to you
Three week review and too much temptation
Filming, working out and power cuts
A wedding quilt
Well, I've FINALLY finished it!
Sea bass
This week, free food and cold days
At the gym
Two hours up the gym today, and still hungry after dinner
An early start, millions of calories, old favourites and new discoveries
I'm on a diet
The New Year Diet
New purple handbag
Sunny days, charity shops, handbags, puddings and good reads
Berwick church
A long walk, lost keys and no mince pies
Those questions
A weekend in Bruges
Music and MAS
A trip to Uckfield
A trip to London
Fish, waste and poverty
love your leftovers
Loving Leftovers
Wedding day
A few wedding pictures
Shrieks, Draculas and Scary Monsters
What a busy week!
Miss-made recipes, insomnia and exercise
Fiesta apples
An apple harvest
Prawns on toast
Lovely Marks and Spencer food free with vouchers
Internet, no internet, internet......
w ho 2
Westward Ho! and our last day on honeymoon
Went to Bideford today
South molton
South Molton
Nothcote manor
The last four days
Weddings, wasps and white hands
Two Tables & A Carroty Tip
A dirty Sunday
2011-08-18 05.44.07
Balls, Bums and Wedding Pics
No power, bargains and giant bargains
Walks, books and muesli
Lampshades, nails and meal plans
Freebies, gardens, shades and stones
Happy Solstice / longest day - what did you do?
Getting back to Earth
Basil cuttings
Cuttings and pots
A busy day, lots of driving and some good ideas to try
Using up Salsa di Noci
Walking in woods
Woods, Meadows, Lakes & the garden
Shed bed
Bran flakes and shed beds
Michelham priory
Michelham Priory, khaki gunk and lost keys
Big lunches and delicious leftovers
More wedding preparations, Greek Cuisine and 4 large pitta for 6p
Mother of Bride dress
Another dress, getting plastered and spicy lentil soup, just 15p
Dresses, lasagna and resolutions
Smoked salmon
Smoked salmon, classes and leftovers
Another long walk followed by excited squeaks
Coffee and walnut cake
No sleep, a long walk and a big cake
A Relaxing Day
a small pile of pink fir apple potatoes
The gym, average curries, out of season garlic and lots of potatoes
Poop, larders and less than £1 a day, how about 53p?
Raspberry cheesecake
Small loaves and 3 freebie tins
Bargain hats, freebies and dead dough
Sunshine, Snaps, Seeds and Sowing
Two books and a lipstick
Yogurt and mango
Curries, U3A and wild garlic
Primrose 2015
Round the block, round the garden and a hot non-cross loaf
Antibiotics, websites and another LBLUK list
An update
Sequins, off-cuts and an alternative LBLUK list
Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
Favourite necklaces
Sorting through the bling
Spring is Springing
Cooking around the world
A not very nice lunch, summer sewing and too many earrings
Inventing wings, folding a la Kondo and a good clean
Snowdrops, friends and being perfect
lamb kofta kebab on a home made flatbread with sliced tomato, cucumber and a relish
Going on a course
woods covered in snow
A general Saturday
a close up of a white lily
Happy Valentines!
An update on all the goings on since Monday
Crocus and nearly meal plan 8 soup
Lunch, Snow & Leaks
Book Clubs and wide ranging discussions
Using what I've made, leftovers soup and make do and mend repairs
Weights, weight and mattresses
wedding rings
Sheeps pluck, two weddings and .......
Springing in the garden
Valuable programmes, little round batteries and exhortations
Aching muscles and brain, and a shopping list
happ new year
New Years Day
happy new year
New Years Eve
merry christmas
Live the life you wish you had & Merry Christmas!
It's Christmas Eve - yay!
Kitchen update
Kitchens, Christmas Menu and avoiding debt
Trees, bags, walls and floors
New ceilings and old favourites
Pea soup, Approved Food order and Christmas food bank contributions
20p lunch, 19p vanilla pods and extremely cheap vanilla & cinnamon extract
Bread cooked in the slow cooker - who knew you could!
slow cooker
Things I am going to try this week
I have been quiet I know for a week, but I have an excuse Miss!
The cutest teeny tiny christmas stockings
Fireworks, Fictitious Whiplash and Feta
Pumpkin chosen
Pumpkins, crowbars and autumn leaves
An unexpected little visitor
Tables and Boards
whats in season in October
What's in season in October, can I grow anything in the garden now? and update on Action Aid
radish pods
A new vegetable? It was to me!
Smoothies, thickies and wedding invites
Old Socks - again, and Fabric Yarn, especially from T-Shirts
WI garden group, giant tomatoes and unreliable broadband
sock flowers
Loving leftovers, sock bouquets and using plastic bottles to make boxes
Kitchen happenings and a possible Christmas Thrifty Lesley in the media
Posh puds, what to cook with no hob and getting to grips with Pinterest
Nans, Drawers and Wedding Cakes
A waste of a day
basics tomatoes
Inaccurate mySupermarket totals, a shock in Sainsbugs and a kitchen update
Progress today
2 ton units, meal plans still £1 and trying not to sing out loud
Emptying cupboards, draughts and printers on strike
Boot Fairs, New Fabric and Big Sums
Fruit, Floors and Gifts
Teething, rain and quilts
Dobbing, Dabbing, Snowdrops and Quilts
red arrows
Airbourne, Divi & progress
womans own
Woman's Own, early apples and meal plans
A chilled out day
Halley Road
A late walk, some early blackberries and a mish mash
Beachy Head
10,000 steps and gooseberry crumble
Giant chairs, tiny flatbreads and zero cost dollies
Run off my feet by a 6 year old
Rust, dust, concrete and bears
An Approved Food order
Flowers blooming in the garden and wraps made with dough that's been in the fridge for several days
Kitchen Plans
Tissue or handkerchief, which do you prefer?
Off to Wickes for a quote
Sports day and risotto
Hair conditioner used as makeup remover
Free groceries arriving in the garden
A garden visit, youth re-visited and salady musings on the bus
The garden party this afternoon
Plums in drier
Progress today in the kitchen
Some freebie fruit, lucky me
Using up stale focaccia at breakfast, cherries, lovely ripe cherries, and a pot wot I painted
Don't know about Thrifty, I'm more like Filthy Lesley today
20 handy hints using everyday items, do you know these ones?
A lovely Sunday stroll
Prolonged periods of bottom sitting
Wedding invitations, jaunts out, and what to plant next
No doors or windows, and not much food either today
A Salmon pasta lunch and other things
Motivating myself and getting fitter
Confession time, What I've actually been doing this week
Bread, bread and more bread
Glorious roses
Late nights, coming crops and what to put in next
Huge lintels and sunny days
More fracking and the garden
Fracking in East Sussex
Old phones, pretty flowers and glorious sunsets
Elderflowers and cardigans
Taking Stock a la Jen Gale
Cherry tree shrouds and un-crusty bread
A skip of rubble
M&S free foodie goodies and Quidco
Robin Bobbin moves out, DAC and tortilla
A mountainous larder, raspberries, pasta and crispy fish burger
jacket and cheese spread
Robin chicks, Resolutions lunch and Basics cheese spread (1)
Gu pots filled with muscovado cheesecake
A WI lunch and some Basics finds, what to do with them?
Mealy worms, double crumbles and cooked radish
Bank Holiday weather, Finance Packages and Mr & Mrs Robin Bobbin
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig
Back in Kendall for the day
Walking in the forest, outstanding views and meeting new/old people
Going to Jail in Inveraray
A Day in Kendal
Halfway to Scotland
a pink peony bloom.
A walk round the garden
a robin
Quilts, Extension and Scotland
mixed fabric to make a quilt, folded.
Quilts, Speakers, Pancakes and Noodles
Live Below The Line UK
LBLUK 2014 - Day 5. Challenge completed! Can you donate a few £'s?
Live Below The Line UK
LBLUK - Day 4, nearly there now, but I am still craving a cup of tea
Live Below The Line UK
LBLUK 2014 - Day 3
Live Below The Line UK
LBLUK 2014, another alternative basket, from Aldi again
LBLUK, an alternative £5 basket, from Aldi
live below the line
LBLUK 2014 - day 2, I really want a cup of tea!
live below the line
LBLUK 2014 - day one, successes and failures
live below the line
Living Below The Line - 2014
Mums white quilt
Quilts. Old, new and unmade
Live Below The Line UK
Robins in the garden, 19 freebie books, mahoosive, bright red bags & shall I do LBLUK?
Mixed deli meat, tiny tomato seedling and Approved Food order
Fruit Trees, Date & Apple Muffins and Sugar Paste Flowers
Fritters, Soup, Gloves and Karen Millen
gu pots
Glass ramekins and what to do with them
anchovy pizza
Demo's and anchovy pizza, 39p
a whole uncooked chicken
Exasperations, interesting impulses and what's happening
Stained glass heart
Happy News
christmas greeting cards
Post Christmas Diet
More Christmas Gallivants
Christmas en famille
Christmas Pie at the WI, not a 50p one!
Apples, apples and ............. apples!
Fiesta apples
Even more plums, a few apples and yukky fingers
Cheap lentils, slightly cheaper chorizo, and practically free silky hands
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver's new programme and effing great tellys
Plums in drier
Pottering in the kitchen and finding uses for plums
Plums, plums and more plums
The first of the plum harvest
Approved foods
500g packs of Aduki Beans from Approved Foods for 20p!
The courgette harvest today. A dish and a basket of courgettes.
An abundance of Courgettes
red and black currants in plastic boxes.
Free Berries From A Good Friend
Monsoon bargain
Monsoon Bargain
Massive Tomatoes @ Tiny Price
Great British Budget Menu - is £1 a meal really such a big challenge
Hello world!



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