LBLUK 2014 – day 2, I really want a cup of tea!

Apr 12, 2014 | 4 comments


Day 2 of the Live Below The Line challenge and I am really missing hot drinks. I usually have a bucket of tea as soon as I get up, closely followed by a bucket of coffee, all de-caff.

Had plain pancakes with jam this morning for breakfast. A very nice start to the day.


Had a couple of these (scones and jam) during breaks in the morning.


Soup with vegetables, bacon, and some of yesterday’s leftover lentil dumplings at lunch time. A tasty dish.


And this substantial dinner. I was glad it was substantial as I have been working hard in the garden and was very hungry. I made a large flatbread, and topped it with some sauted veg in a bit of soft cheese, and the last of the lentil dumplings leftover from yesterday. It was very tasty and filling.


Have drunk loads of water again today. Bit tired of lentils today, so glad I have bacon planned for tomorrow.

Not a bad day, 3 more to go



  1. Lesley

    Supermarkets, of course, want us all to spend more, not less, and all their ‘we cost you less’ promotions are disingenuous to say the least
    Thanks for your good wishes, and good luck with your challenge too

  2. Rita

    You are doing well. You have given yourself very strict rules, especially the no foraging one.
    I’m forgoing this challenge this year because the £365 for 365 days is challenge enough! It’s been made easier because we have been invited out for meals a couple of times, we have eaten out to celebrate birthdays etc and some unwanted food has found its way to us – all allowed within the rules, and none of this because people want to help us with the challenge – nobody knows about it except you 🙂
    Good luck with the remaining days, you are doing very well. But don’t the supermarkets make eating within a strict budget extremely difficult?

  3. Lesley

    Thanks Jane, I’m enjoying the challenge, but I sure wouldn’t want to have to do it every day

  4. Jane Stansfield

    Today’s recipes look very tasty. Good luck with the next three days. .

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