Lovely Marks and Spencer food free with vouchers

Sep 17, 2015 | 0 comments


Spent some of my M&S vouchers today. I get them from using a credit card and use them for lovely M&S food.

Prawns on toast

Today I got a pack of salmon fillets and another bag of sea bass fillets, a pack of large smoky flavoured prawns, a big oblong pizza, some mixed anti-pasti skewers, a pack of artichoke hearts, a pack of semi dried tomatoes and a choc torte. Cost me 75p!

If I had to budget to £1 a day, I would treat these vouchers as cash and make them work hard. But as it is, I see them as free money and buy treaty things with them, that I otherwise wouldn’t get.

I am doing my second day this week of the 5:2 and had half of the prawns on a slice of toast with a little soft cheese for lunch and the other half for dinner. They were absolutely delicious.

I shall use the artichoke hearts and tomatoes with pasta tomorrow. Mike had some of the torte and the mixed anti-pasti this evening.

The fish is lovely to have in the freezer so I can get just one piece out for me at a time, and it makes it easy to have a fishy supper.

I’ve still got £29 worth of vouchers, but I shan’t use those for a while. I don’t get that many and I like to eke them out.

In other news, the BBC got in touch today. There’s a possibility that I may do a feature on one of the Rip Off Britain programmes that are being recorded at the end of October. I am in the fortunate position of being able to choose whether to do a project or not, I don’t need to do whatever comes for the income. I accept some things and refuse others. This one sounds interesting and I would love to get involved. It’s still at the research stage at the moment, so nothing may come of it. We shall see, it’ll be nice if it comes off.



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