Fruit Trees, Date & Apple Muffins and Sugar Paste Flowers

Mar 18, 2014 | 0 comments


Nipped down to Eastbourne this morning to see DD1. Took down a couple of big pots to add to the three already there, and some compost, and we potted up the 5 little fruit trees that were her Christmas present. The plum is already covered in blossom and she should have a good crop from them all, with any luck.
I hope I have got the fertilisation groups right. I meant to take a picture of them potted up, but completely forgot!
Her rhubarb is a lot bigger than mine, just shows what siting it in some sun can do. Do you remember I said that I moved the asparagus water tanks down? I am thinking of moving the rhubarb back behind them to fill in an awkward corner. It will be even more in the shade than it is now. It seems to cope alright though and I don’t really mind it being behind.
If I did that I could move the 2 gooseberry bushes where the rhubarb currently is, where I would be able to tend to them, and pick the fruit, much more easily.

Madimagee some lovely muffins yesterday. I had a bit of a rummage in the cupboard for what to put in them. I did the usual recipe replacing about 50g of the flour with oats, and flavoured them with 6 dates I found, and the last of the apples I dried experimentally last year. Then I sprinkled a mix of demerara sugar and fine chopped nuts on top for some crunch. They were delish. After DP had had his fill, I imageput the rest in a plastic bag and froze them, so they will stay fresh. Muffins go stale quite quickly I find. When I got back this morning, I found a muffin sitting out on the side, quietly defrosting, so himself knows where they are.

I tried to find the post where I wrote about drying apples, so I could link to it, but I can’t find it. Maybe I didn’t actually write about it?

imageI had a little play with some icing this afternoon. DD2 wants some small cakes displayed underneath a small main cake for her wedding. Her colour theme is purple and its shades. So I coloured a little in 2 shades, and kept some white and rolled out these little roses. I think they would look very cute on a cupcake sized cake, and an extravagant pile of them, all different sizes, should look lovely on the small main cake. Along with some ribbon and some little green leaves.

I would love to show you DD2 in her dress, she looks wonderful. I know I would say  that, I’m biased. But she really does 🙂 . But I can’t show you as her intended reads the blog too.  But I can share this picture as he is allowed to see that !



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