Huge lintels and sunny days

imageThis bad boy was delivered yesterday…. Our lintel, woohoo. It had to be moved from the front of the house, round to the back where it is now. Did he have any hefty fellas for that? No! Muggins here was told to ‘get on the end of that’. Do your DIY chaps do that to you?

DP has been taking down bits of the outer skin of the outside wall over the last couple of days in preparation.

imageIn a few days, he will put the props in place, assemble a team of aforementioned hefty fellas, and heave the lintel into position. After which he can take down the inner, load bearing, skin of the outside wall, and we will have one big room. So exciting!

imageOver the last few days we have had the most beautiful hot and sunny weather in our part of the world. Every day the folding doors have been like this, all day, right up until about ten at night. Love it.

Love this time of year when we get light from extremely early in the morning, right through to practically ten. I’m sitting outside in the garden doing this. I might be on a cement splattered chair, perched precariously on a bit of path between the runner beans, a veg bed and assorted building materials….but I’m out here, in light clothes, and it’s nearly 8 o’clock. Just been doing a bit of tidying and weeding now it’s cooled down a bit. It feels like it will never look nice again, but it is happening, and we will get there.



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