A lovely Sunday stroll

Jun 29, 2014 | 0 comments


Went for a lovely walk today along the Cuckoo Trail. We drove down to Hailsham and set off down the trail towards Polegate, 3 miles away. So a there and back walk would be a goodly amount of 6 miles, just right.

Only we went the wrong way and were actually headed back towards Horam, closer to us at Heathfield. Only we could get lost on a linear trail!! Still it was lovely. There were LOADS of cyclists out and about, lots of mums and dads with kids, really nice to see, although we were constantly having to jump out of the way. Once, I even had to freeze in place as daughter went to the left, son went to the right and dad dinged his bell behind!
I did a total of 11,699 steps today, yippee, broke my 10,000 step target.

As we neared Hellingly, and were starting to get hungry, DP had the brilliant wheeze that as the map said we were near Station Road, there was bound to be a pub on it, on the basis that every Station Road has a pub! So we went up the ramp, and sure enough there was a pub, unfortunately it was completely burnt out. Ooh, disappointment. But we could hear voices, and sounds of conviviality. So we investigated round the back, and there was a pub, complete with bouncy castle and climbing frame, loads of mums, dads and kids from the trail.

So we had a nice lunch, cheap too, and a rest, then walked back up the trail to the car park, and home.

Had a very late night last night, so by the time we got back home, we were both ready for a little snooze. What a lovely Sunday.




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