A WI lunch and some Basics finds, what to do with them?

May 13, 2014 | 0 comments


Am pretty tired right now. It is the annual Resolutions lunch at the WI tomorrow. It can be one of the duller meetings, so we provide a lunch to lure members into attending. The ploy works well 😉

So I have spent today shopping for and cooking 36 portions of shepherds pie

And the same number of Muscovado cheesecake, in the little Gu dishes that I collected earlier in the year.


Whilst in Sainsbugs, I noticed these items from the basics range, so I got them to see what I can do with them, other than the obvious.


The burgers were £1.15 for 8, the fish fingers 60p for 10 and the cheese spread 50p.

I’ve ‘tested’ the cheese spread, and it tastes just like Dairylea triangles. So first thoughts are in a toasted sandwich, in some kind of pasta sauce, as a jacket potato topping and stuffed inside a chicken fillet. It brings to mind a real retro treat that I used to enjoy as a child. Celery sticks stuffed with this kind of spread and cut into slices of about 1″.

Any thoughts on what to with these?



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