Curries, U3A and wild garlic

Apr 8, 2015 | 0 comments


Had the U3A Cooking On A Budget group here yesterday. Seven people came, and we had a lively, chatty afternoon.

We made Tomato Dhal, Sambar, Chickpea, Coconut and Mango Curry and a Nan. We managed to fit it all in the 2 hour time slot easily, and still have time for chatting.

There were 2 portions of tomato Dahl, and 4 each of the other 2 curries. So 10 portions in all. The participants insist on paying for the ingredients, although I wouldn’t mind at all contributing them, as it really isn’t much. When I came to add up all the ingredients from the recipe lists it came out at just 50p each. A total of £3.50 for 10 main meals. Not bad at all!

Yogurt and mango

Today, I had the rest of the tin of mango to use up. Sometimes, I freeze the rest of the tin, or make a huge batch of the mango curry and freeze it in portions.

But today I did something different with it. I had some value Greek yogurt, which is lovely and thick. So I mixed a bit of the mango with a bit of the yogurt. Ooh, yum, yum. So I mixed all the rest of the mango into a tub and a half of yogurt. So simple, no added sugar, plenty already in the mango. Absolutely delicious.

I got the mango from Approved Food at just 25p a tin, so this is a super cheap pudding.

I have just swept a path in the garden and noticed that the wild garlic is well and truly up. The leaves are a good foot long. So time to make some Wild Garlic Pesto then. This is the very first recipe I posted back in the middle of June 2013. Blogging was still pretty much a mystery to me then, and I didn’t have much idea what I was doing. How many recipes and ideas have flowed under the bridge since then! Still learning of course, but know a bit more about it now.

I have a foodie friend that, when I visit, I tend to take a little something. It’s such a joy to make things for people when you know they will be appreciative. Last year, I took her some of the pesto, and ever since, she has been asking me if I have any more. So she will be pleased when I turn up with another jar for her



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