Birthday celebrations. I’m feeling thoroughly birthdayed!

Aug 2, 2017 | 2 comments


I’m feeling thoroughly birthdayed today. It was my birthday this week, oh how those years whizz by! Mike bought me a magnificent double stemmed orchid, and a lovely soppy card. I seem to have success getting orchids to reflower, so I have quite a collection now.


On my actual birthday, lots of cards arrived, and a parcelled up gift, which was lovely. It’s really nice opening cards on the actual day.

DD1 called to wish me happy birthday. Grand daughter called separately, she sounds so grown up on the phone, chatting and asking questions like an adult, even though she’s only 9! On the weekend, DD2 took me out for lunch on a beautiful sunny day to a great new (to us) pub, which we’ll def be visiting again. We went to The Red Lion at Hooe.  It has well deserved good reviews on Trip Advisor, but I can’t find a website for the pub itself.

Then yesterday, Mike and I went to see the film Dunkirk. It is magnificent, do go and see it if you can. It’s dramatic, emotional and immersive. When we were in the Spitfire cockpits my stomach clenched, and when they were shown  flying overhead, with that magnificent noise only a Merlin Rolls Royce engine can make, I wanted to stand up and cheer! Afterwards, emerging into the afternoon sunshine, I was quite disorientated!

Then, in the evening, Mike had arranged to go to Elite, a restaurant in Heathfield, with a couple of lovely close friends. Mike and I shared some mezze, then had a chicken, avocado, feta and tomato salad. And a cocktail! Non-alcoholic, as I can’t drink (migraine).

So I’m feeling loved, happy and well birthdayed










  1. Jackie

    Belated Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good one!

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