Some beautiful quilts by some very talented people

Jun 5, 2017 | 0 comments


I went to an exhibition by a local quilting group on Saturday. The talent being displayed was pretty awesome.

This first quilt was made by a friend who actually prefers to embroider. So she embroidered the panels with the most beautiful flowers. Apparently, the quilters use a lady with a long arm quilting machine to do that part of the process and she sewed round the outside of the embroidered flowers, making them look raised.

This is one of the embroidered flowers, in close up. If you look closely, you can see the stitches around the outside of the flower, and the lovely random quilting.

This I loved for the sheer skill of assembling the colours into the pattern

There were three quilts like this, all different. They each had a panel for each season, and one for each month.

I loved this very contemporary looking quilt, so bright and fresh

This is another close up of the quilting


The colouring on this one is exquisite

And I really liked the muted tones of this one

Now, on this one, the maker had printed photos onto colour fast fabric. I would love to do something with photos of family, portraits, a wedding or 2, and perhaps a signature, embroidered over. I’m going to look further into how to get pictures onto fabric

And these are even more incredible. Each ‘quilt’ is no bigger than a sheet of paper!

I particularly liked this one with a circular motif

And my absolute favourite was this one, it would have been lovely enough if it was bed sized, but at this scale each piece was minute!




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