A sleepless night

Aug 12, 2020 | 2 comments



It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep, so I thought I’d come on here and chat to you. I have a fan on in the bedroom and it isn’t quite as ferociously hot as it has been – a mere 28.2 degrees in the sitting room. It’s just one of those nights where sleep just won’t come.

thermometer with high temperature

We haven’t been doing much the last few days except wilt and drink lots of water. We’re starting to bring stuff back from the two storage units now. One has been emptied and the keys returned, and we’ve now started on the other. Brought back a load yesterday and it all gets piled in what was our bedroom, then the horrible job of sorting through it all, finding homes for everything and trying to get rid of lots of it. Not a job I can do a lot of in one go, just do a bit, then go off to do something else

Too Many Apples?

I’ve decided we probably produce too many apples. There is a bush type tree at the top of the garden. It’s growing in shade now (next doors trees have grown and are shading much of our garden) but still manages to produce a great many apples every year. That variety is Scrumptious

Then there are several minarette trees out the front. A Discovery, best picked and eaten while still standing there and with a gorgeous flavour which changes even after half an hour. A Fiesta, good for cooking, and another couple which I can’t remember the variety of now without going to look. The upshot is though, that starting about now with the Discovery’s, we get more and more overwhelmed with apples. They don’t rate the variety much on this site!

There are only two of us, and although I give lots away, perhaps it’s time for a rethink



There is pear tree too, also a bush type at the top of the garden. But that really struggles now and has a black mould type growth on it. I’m thinking of shuffling things around and having a pear in a part of the garden that gets more light. A lot of work though, it’s not like moving the furniture around!

Something to think about at any rate instead of just staring at the ceiling




  1. Thrifty Lesley

    Spring is such a gorgeous season, it’s my favourite too.
    I’m sure your Pink Lady will be much happier in the soil, and the nets sound perfect. Apples like a relatively cool climate, so your scorching days are def going to stress it if left unprotected

  2. Angela

    Hello Lesley, How about some cider? or apple cider vinegar?
    When I was a kid (I’m English too) my dad used to have us picking gallons of anything he could try making wine out of and yes he made cider too.
    I now live in South Australia and we have a dwarf Pink Lady apple in a pot (my husband loves pots 🙁 ) which tastes wonderful but last spring we had an unseasonal extremely hot day and all the blossom was b so we didn’t get any fruit. So this year I’m going to take said tree out of the pot and plant it in the soil and swathe it in old net curtains if there is any chance of (which there will be) hot weather before the fruit has had a chance to set.
    BTW I feel for you with your hot weather especially when you can’t sleep at night it makes you feel very crappy doesn’t it? I hate summer but it’s spring now and everything looks and feels wonderful – it makes such a difference when we’ve had some rain. South Australia is the driest state on the driest continent on earth,now isn’t that fun?

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