The answer to the universe and everything

Aug 15, 2017 | 4 comments


Today is one of those special days. Mike and I have been together a very long time, but didn’t actually get married until 2015…..2 years ago today! So it’s our anniversary.

We got married on the anniversary of our very first date. And the more important anniversary is that 40 years ago this very day, we went out together for the first time. Wish I had a picture of that

So today we are celebrating 40 years together. Blimey, how did it get to be that big a number!

As we are marking both 40 and 2, that means today is forty two, the answer to the universe and everything and I am expecting something special, hahaha. Do you think I’ll get it?

We bought ourselves this lovely stained glass heart in shades of ruby red, and we are doing something special, but more of that later.

Stained glass heart






  1. Sue Dixon

    Surely your special gift had to be a towel!

  2. Siobhan

    Got to love Douglas Adams, some of my favourite books.

  3. Jane

    Congratulations have a lovely day

  4. Sooze

    A very happy dual anniversary! Lovely stained glass heart.

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