Walks, books and muesli

Jun 28, 2015 | 10 comments


Took myself off for a 4 mile walk this morning. Just me, myself and I. I fancied some time on my own, just walking, so off I went. It was lovely. A good day for walking, sunny and warm, not too hot. It was the same one I did with DP a few weeks ago. Saw some lovely houses en route House 1

Ancient trees Trees

Beautiful meadows image

image One of which has been mown now image

Admired some stonking views image image

Carefully stepped over this little chap, I came across suddenly, just sitting on the path. He gaped his little beak at me as I stepped over him. Hoping for a tidbit. I was talking away to him, as if he understood, and as if he was a he, I’ve got no idea of its gender! Bird

Tried to remember where the hazelnuts are image

And generally chilled out. Lovely. Pretty stiff now, got to keep moving. I was going to make muesli in the No Power Plan, using a bag of mixed fruit and value oats, but changed it to a bought packet. Nevertheless, I wanted to see if the HM muesli would be nice. So I mixed 40g of oats, with 40g of mixed fruit, poured in 120ml milk and left it to soak. It soaked up all that milk, so I added a splash of water and put it back in the fridge. I shall have it for breakfast tomorrow and let you know what it was like.

Have just finished reading this book, Gut by Giulia Enders. It’s a fascinating read, taking us through the gut from mouth to bottom, explaining all kinds of things along the way. I learned many new things.


The reason I bought it is that I have become interested in the new field of gut research. The bacteria that live there influence us in many ways, both obvious and subtle. There is increasing evidence that gut bacteria dictate our diet, influence obesity, allergies, depression and Alzheimer’s. Giulia puts forward not one, but three theories of why our gut bacteria may make us fat and explores anti/ pre and probiotics. A recommended read.

I had a little piece of salmon for my lunch today with some cold potatoes and a big pile of spinach and lettuce from the garden. I dressed the potatoes in a mixture of mayonnaise and miso. I’m a newcomer to the miso party and am enjoying exploring what I can do with it. The miso mayo I read about on the net somewhere and determined to try it. My goodness it was good. The miso was both a little sweet and deeply savoury at the same time. Delicious, and definitely something I will be having again.

I had the potatoes cold because when Guilia spoke about prebiotics, one of the things she said is that cooked, cold, potatoes or rice are more resistant to digestion. So more of it reaches your gut microbes intact, and they flourish on it. Making the meal more sustaining, for longer, and helping your resident bugs to be strong and beef up your immune system. Win win I say.



  1. Lesley

    it was indeed two thirds oats to one third fruit. I have an extremely delicious Rose Elliott recipe for proper Bircher Muesli. It doesn’t work out economical enough for here, but I think I’ll post it anyway as it really is extremely good

  2. Lesley

    It was nice. Unspectacular, but nice. I’ll post the couldn’t be simpler recipe.

  3. Katherine

    I’m comparing the cost by weight. There are other factors like calories and fibre and filling ness I haven’t thought about.

  4. Katherine

    How was the muesli? I think to be a similar price to the value range you would have to use 2 parts oats to 1 part dried fruit, although there may be other options with fresh fruit.

  5. Lesley

    Ah, right, an updated version! Ok, I’ll take a look

  6. Paula Higgleton-Wood

    No Lesley, not the F-plan diet, this one is from 2006 and is called The F2 Diet, much more about gut bacteria than constipation!

  7. Lesley

    First published 1982. Older than you are? Just looked on Amazon, may well get a copy

  8. Paula Higgleton-Wood

    I recommend reading the F2 diet by Audrey Eyton, it’s been out for many years but she was talking about but bacteria and resistant starch right back in 2005(?) I love the record in that book to and have one of the soups and salads for my lunch each day.

  9. Lesley

    We had the most pathetic excuse for a rain shower today. It kept doing a little sprinkle, so light it didn’t even wet the pavement.
    I do recommend the book, it was fascinating

  10. Diane Clement

    I would have loved to accompany you on your walk. Your photos have me yearning to jump on a Virgin flight SFO to LHR. Everything looks so green and beautiful while everything here keeps getting drier and more brown plus many people are replacing their lawns and we are all throwing the kitchen rinse water on the outdoor plants. I want some rain, lots of it!! Obviously I do not have a direct line to Mother Nature. I just finished reading Simon Armitage’s Walking Home about his walk on the Pennine Way. I had a lot of fun googling all the locations he mentions. I think I’m too old to do that long walk but I would love to see the Malham Cove. I’m also very interested in what scientists are discovering about gut bacteria and am considering buying either Gut or The Good Gut. Nurturing the proper bacteria in our guts shows so much promise to alleviate so many diverse human ailments. It is hard to be patient while further studies are conducted but at least we are lucky enough to be around for the beginning stages. Also, I love your kitchen clear glass lampshades. They look practically delicious!

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