Small loaves and 3 freebie tins


Small loaves and 3 freebie tins


I mixed up the dough last night and made a small, freeform loaf for lunchtime. I had made some soup with the gammon juices, so I had a slice, buttered, with that. It was delicious, and I’ve made a diary note of when I put the dough in the fridge, so I know when I need to top it up if I haven’t used any in the meantime!

When I went to the U3A book group on Thursday, the convener asked if I used condensed milk, yes, I said. She then proceeded to give me 3 cans! They are well out of date, but I don’t care much about things like that.

I use it for a proper Bircher muesli, the condensed milk makes it go all thick and syrupy, it’s lovely. I use the Rose Elliot recipe, I’ll dig it out for you.

I wondered what else I could use this little windfall for, so I had a little Google, as you do. I looked it up on the Nestle site. For Tin One, I am thinking of this Raspberry Cheesecake using some fruit I have stashed in the freezer.

Raspberry cheesecake

For Tin Two, I thought an ice cream, either this Sozzled Fruit Ice Cream,
Sozzled fruit ice cream

Or this Caramel Parfait,

Caramel parfait

Or maybe even, Banana, Fudge and Cinnamon Ice Cream.

Caramel, Fudge and banana ice cream

And for Tin Three? These Millionaires Shortbreads are calling my name 😛

Dangerous game tho, as I really shouldn’t have any chocolate. Plus they are hardly calorie free 😫

Like the pictures? Wish my foodie shots were as nice as these

Millionaires Shortbread

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  1. Lesley

    Does it? I suppose I’ll have to wait until I open a tin then to find out. Nothing lost if it is bad

  2. Sarah

    I’ve found that condensed milk is one of very few things that actually dutifully go bad after they expire! But maybe you are luckier than I am! 😉

  3. Joy

    What a lovely gift. The cheese cake looks absolutely scrummy!
    Glad you’ve got your sourdough starter working again.
    J x

  4. Joy

    Lesley did you know you can MOO condensed milk,or evaporated? I haven’t bought them for years, it’s easy and really economical.

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