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Feb 19, 2024 | 0 comments


We have a Marks and Spencer credit card that I use for absolutely everything to accumulate vouchers that I then use to buy lots of lovely M&S food.

I had to go to Tunbridge Wells today, so I took the vouchers along and popped in the shop to use them.

I got a meal deal of a starter of cheddar cheese fondants, an aubergine bake as a main, and a pudding of sticky toffee pudding.

Then a lemon tart for me and an apple pie for Mike.

A whole organic chicken – I would love to go completely organic, but things are such a lot more, more than double usually. This chicken was £16.24.

Then I got another meaty thing of 2 lamb shanks, and some smoked cod loin which I’ll use to make chowder.

That was followed by a trio of anti-pasti on offer – stuffed cherry peppers, Greek salad and mozzarella balls with pesto. They’ll be lovely with some salad and crusty bread.

A pot of houmous that seems to have extra olive oil.

I’ve been after a red cabbage for a while, but none were in the shops near me. This enormous specimen was tucked away behind a shelf of rather small ones, and cost just 80p.

The single Bramley apple is for Mike’s favourite apple crumble.

I had a whopping £53 in vouchers, so after they had been taken off the total, this lovely shopping cost me £22.02 in actual cash money. There are so many meals there!


Looks like I did something wrong with the meal deal as I can’t see the reduction for getting it, it’s just the separate prices. Damn!

Walking back to the car was an exercise in weight lifting – it all weighed a ton! It reminded me of those programmes where muscly men walk up a course holding heavy weights at their side, it’s called a Farmers Carry. This was just like that, with smaller weights and a lot further to walk! Good for me I suppose.

Do you get vouchers from your credit card. And if you do, what do you use them for?












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