Where We Are This Week

Nov 15, 2023 | 2 comments


Where we are this week

I used Fiver to have my favourite picture of my girls enhanced. They are 11.5 and 9.5 here. Just look at those gorgeous eyes! It’s how I think of them in my head.

I have been taking a flask of hot soup to my daughters for my lunch when I visit. Recently she wanted to try it, so I shared and she ended up having most of it, which is great as she’s hardly eating anything now.  So next time, I took TWO flasks. She enjoyed that one and had the whole flask during the time I was there, a couple of spoonfuls at a time.

So this has now evolved into me doing a different soup each time I go. It’s lovely to see her enjoying a nourishing soup and getting some vegetables down her! When I came home from my latest visit on Tuesday, I brought back a Halloween pumpkin to see what I can make with that. Carving pumpkins tend to be pretty watery, so we’ll see what I can add to get some flavour in it.

One of the days I have been going is Thursday, but the hospice is running a course on Thursdays for 6 weeks, so those days are out for a little while and I’ve changed it to Friday.

She has a washpod installed upstairs so she can be helped to shower, and a stair lift to get up there, as well as the hospital bed in the sitting room where she spends most of her time. The washpod is amazing! They installed it in her old bedroom. It’s completely self contained, and is built so that carers can assist the patient. Such a boon.

The latest is a walking frame which will be coming this week as the walking stick is no longer enough, and carers have started to come in twice a day to help her with personal stuff. She was reluctant to have her husband wash her, and I think I would feel much the same way. There’s only so much you can share with your husband.

We are off to see Nutcracker on a live stream at the cinema next Saturday. It was a bit of a gamble when I got the tickets as to whether she would be well enough to go, but it’s looking good at the moment. Wish us luck!







  1. Thrifty Lesley

    Thanks Susan. It’s really tough and I try to enjoy the moments with her without mourning her before she’s gone. She was emotional yesterday and I hugged her for several hours. Those hugs always make me think about the time when I won’t be able to give them anymore.

  2. Susan Hildebrand

    Dear Lesley, Just to say that my daughter died of cancer four years ago and I know how surreal the experience of helping a daughter on that journey is. Enjoy every moment together and spend as much time with her as is possible. I’m so glad she appreciated your soup. You can put all your cooking experience into devising soups she will relish. Cancer and the treatments, for example chemotherapy, do alter the sense of taste sometimes so one can play around with spices and herbs when cooking for the patient.
    I wish you and your daughter the most wonderful moments of togetherness. A thousand blessings and all the very best wishes, Sue

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