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Nov 22, 2015 | 0 comments


Went to a gig in Kentish Town last night. The legendary blues guitarist Walter Trout. Two years ago, Walter nearly died before receiving a liver transplant. This track, Almost Gone, was written about the time he was waiting for a liver transplant to happen, or not.  I love this kind of music.

I am sitting here wearing my new tour t-shirt, feeling a bit rock chick. That album is def going on my Christmas list! And we watched Adele at the BBC on Friday. Goodness, what an incredible singer she is. I’d love that album as well.

I’ve literally just realised there is a link between those 2 artists and their music, and the Italian opera I love so much. It’s the beautiful words and the emotion in those and the music. If the lyrics are meaningful and the music reaches me, it’s a winner for me.

Tired today as we didn’t get to bed until 2:00am this morning. And got a busy day tomorrow too as the Money Advice Service are coming to do an all day video shoot. It’s built around their campaign to save people money over the festive period so January and February aren’t months of regret.

ThriftyLesley received a donation from a generous reader over the last few days. I have tried several times to send a personal thank you, but can’t get the email to work, it keeps bouncing back. So, to the reader who sent a donation – thank you, it will go to help me pay the hosting fees which are due shortly, and it helps keep me motivated to keep going, knowing I am appreciated



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