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Jul 25, 2014 | 2 comments


imageOh dear, I’ve been tempted! Approved Food tempt me every day with mega cheap offers and this week I did an order.

I spent £66.97, including delivery, which is quite a bit.


We had some of the spelt spaghetti this evening with tomato sauce and Parmesan and a big bowl of salad bits, most of which came from the garden. It tasted much like our usual wholemeal spaghetti, but at 50p/500g, is cheaper.

imageThis is the 1p lucky box. You never have any idea of what you might get. My 6yr old grand daughter will be staying for a couple of days next week. I should imagine that she will have the little bars and crisps in our lunch boxes when we go out.

That order included 10 bags of butter beans for curries and pates, 10 bags of apricots, some of which I will have with some of the 8 boxes of Allbran for breakfasts, some I shall make crumbles with. DP has 4 huge bags of muesli and 4 of Fruit & Fibre for his breakfasts. There are 2 little jars of grilled aubergines that I shall use with pasta and 6 tins of spicy beans which I shall have at lunchtimes on top of salad greens.

The best bargain was a clearance deal of 8 pots of mustard at just 18p each. I use mustard a lot, in vinaigrettes, as a flavouring in gravy, in sandwiches, and as a general flavour booster in all sorts of things.

We won’t talk about the chocolate fingers or the hobnobs 🙂

That’s a lot of calories for that £66.97

Asda and Aldi own brand Fruit and Fibre is the same price, and Lidl does a good muesli for the same price, but I kind of like getting the brand ones occasionally.

I like trying unusual things without having to pay a lot for them, like the grilled aubergines in a jar and the onion raisin jam.

I’m sorry, this appears to have turned into an advert for AP, not my intention at all! Let’s change the subject.

This morning I had coffee with the girls as usual on a Friday, then on to The Horse and Groom to meet with the ladies of the monthly lunch group. I had a king prawn linguine which was delicious.

The cherry tomatoes are ripening their fruit at such a rate now we have to have them everyday to keep up. So I shall do some oven dried ones that are stupendous stirred through pasta with a little garlicky soft cheese. They keep in a jam jar for quite a while.

The runner beans and courgette are throwing off fruit at a rate of knots too. One of the things we have a lot now is a bed of salad, I like the courgette sliced up raw in the salad veg part, then we have hot potato and runner beans, with some kind of protein. Maybe a boiled egg and a little slice of cheese, or a sliver of bacon and a little bit of chicken, or some of those spicy beans, something like that.

I’ll do the dried tomato recipe and post it in a day or so.

It is 9pm exactly and this is the sky outside our house right now. Beautiful




  1. Lesley

    would be very difficult to justify with your aims and budget, which incidentally, you are doing amazingly well at. You get lovely ingredients considering how little you are spending

  2. Sue

    They try and tempt me every day, up to now I have not succumbed, but your little haul looks amazing. 🙂

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