No doors or windows, and not much food either today

Jun 23, 2014 | 2 comments


No doors or windows, and not much food either today

imageLook, Look!!! No door and no window! Can you see? DP took them out today. So exciting. He is working out how to fit the lintel and this is the first stage of doing it. The mess, of course, is horrendous, but temporary. It feels like it is all really happening now. There will be some acrow props put up soon to support the roof while the lintel is put in.

I had to go to Tunbridge Wells today. Got a good few useful steps in there. Had to go to the bottom of town, so I parked up at the top end, to maximise distance walked. On the way down, I saw THE most gorgeous chair in Hoopers window. It had a very large and deep seat, and it was very wide, like a chair and a half. And it was upholstered in an abstract design of all my favourite colours, deep red, golds, olives, dark oranges…lovely. And it was £2,500. Wow. For a chair. It was gorgeous tho. I tried to find it on their website to show you, but they don’t have many furniture pictures.

imageDecided to have an extra low calorie day today to try and move things along diet wise. An egg with a titchy bit of bread brought back from our course for breakfast. Lunch was an entire tin of tuna and an enormous amount of salad leaves. Dinner a turkey steak and loads of cabbage. Even managed a pudding, a handful of strawberries and a spoon of 0% fat yogort at lunch, and some sugar free jelly at dinner. That kept it to a total of 700 cals for the day. Pretty hungry, but needs must. DP, bless him, agreed to do it with me. It made it so much easier when it got tough. Partly because it would have felt like cheating on him more than myself. 8500 steps today, so not too shabby.

Off down to Bexhill tomorrow to spend the day with DD2 who has this week off work.
Are you enjoying the glorious weather we have been having, if indeed you are having it where you are.



  1. Lesley

    T Wells has got ever more expensive over the years. Once the Old Post Office was developed into very expensive flats, there was a noticable difference in the shops, especially in the High Street area

  2. Angela Almond

    The salad looks delightful in this hot weather! When we lived in Kent, I loved popping to T Wells for the day – but found many of the shops a little upmarket and beyond my price range [but fun for daydreaming] As a teenager, I had many holidays at Bexhill- before the DeLaWarr Pavilion was properly restored. I’d love to go back there and see it again. Thank you for a post which brought back a flood of happy summer memories!! blessings xx

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