South Molton

Aug 20, 2015 | 1 comment


Although overcast and grey here today, there was virtually no rain, so we headed on out and went to nearby South Molton for a mosey.

There was a market on there today, which is why we decided to go there rather then somewhere else. There was a livestock auction, selling sheep, which we watched for a while. Then went over to the covered market to see what was on offer. Answer? Everything! Lots of lovely fresh fruit and veg, at very cheap prices, meat and fish. Lumps of beautiful wood for mantelpieces or tables, craft things, jewellery, pet food and supplies, a chap who was selling things for a computer and would fix yours if you brought it, flowers, plants, socks and underpants. You name it, it was there. A proper market in fact.

We strolled along the high street and admired what was on offer there too. In the butchers shop, there was some lovely looking stuff for sale. Brisket for £5.97 a kilo for instance, what a bargain. And there was a notice in the window saying that all the beef this week came from Mr something from somewhere farm, all the lamb was from another named person and farm and so was the poultry and duck. I loved that!

South molton

Further along, I was enticed by that delicious unique aroma of a greengrocer. They had blueberries that were as big as, oh, I don’t know, huge blueberries, for £2 for two punnets. And strawberries in the same size plastic punnets that are in supermarkets, also 2 for two punnets. I was very envious by now!

After that we had a poke around the little museum of local things. What a little gem that was. It’s only tiny, but crammed full of interesting things from local places. There was a fireplace stuffed full of old time domestic hardware, goodness, it all looked like hard work. Some films running showing local sights, lots of different types of wool from the sheep reared hereabouts, a big display of firefighting stuff, old money (remember those £1 notes? They looked delightfully old fashioned – already! It hasn’t been that long!).

There was a tiny toy tea set and other toys, lots of very old toy cars, some absolutely minute shoes, oh and all kinds of other things to peer at and exclaim over.

When we came back, we sat on one of the 2 benches for quite a while overlooking the valley and admired the stupendous view while we did the crossword.

view at Northcote Manor

It’s nearly 5 o’clock at the moment, and the only thing I’ve had to eat today is a scone with cream and jam in the town. We are being fed so well in the evening, I don’t want anything else! It starts with canapés, goes on to pre-starter, starter, mains, pudding, then finishes off with petit four and coffee in the drawing room. Every night! Each course is exquisite, small and delightful. I’m so glad we went with the dinner, bed and breakfast option. They have the same menu all week because most people only stay overnight, we are the exception. So after the first night, we have our own menu, complete with our names on it, presented to us with our coffee, so we can select what we would like the following evening. How cool is that.

I would take some pictures of the beautiful dishes to show you, but I don’t think it would go down too well, it’s very posh here. No one would actually say anything of course. They do weddings here too with a package that is pretty reasonable, all things considered.

Right, I’m off for a shower and to get changed for dinner.



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  1. Sue

    It sounds like you are being wonderfully looked after, very well deserved, and yes, that view is beautiful.

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