Book Clubs and wide ranging discussions

Jan 21, 2015 | 0 comments


The diet is going well. I’m going to the gym on Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri.  Yesterday, I procrastinated all day until 7pm, when I finally found the impetus to get my bum out of the door and up the road to the gym.  Of course, I felt better once I was there and working out.


One of the side effects of spending so much time there is spending most of the day in gym kit.  I try to go up there first thing, so put my kit on when I get up. Because I often don’t get up there first thing, I spend much of the day in trainers etc.

It’s the 2nd 5:2 day of the week tomorrow. I’ve lost a few  pounds so far, I’ll report how many on weigh in day, Monday.


Went to book club this afternoon wearing my make do and mend cardigan. I had to stop myself from telling everyone about it and how little it cost. Someone said once that something isn’t a bargain if you feel the need to tell everyone, or something like that.


I say everyone, there were only 4 of us there. But that meant that we had one of those fabulous wide ranging discussions about all kinds of things. We covered various aspects of the book we had read, A collection of short stories by Alice Munro, Runaway. What a fantastic writer she is. Her characterisation is outstanding and her stories don’t seem to have a huge amount going on, but they pull you in anyway and you really care what happens to people in them. She has an entire page on Amazon and I shall definitely be ordering some more of her books from the library.

front cover of Alice Monro book, Runaway.

We then sequed seamlessly into other subjects, as you do. We talked about driving in Egypt, seasickness,  the prevalence of paedophila and the different way it is perceived now to how it once was, the male gaze and the control that sometimes has, page 3, FGM, which is one of the proposed WI campaign subjects this year,  exactly what FGM entails, is male circumcision the same and the pros and cons, I was very nearly blushing by now, we got very detailed!  It was a lively and stimulating afternoon. You are more likely to get that kind of discussion in a smaller group I find, than if there are lots of you there.  The links for male and female circumcision are to Wiki and are anatomically detailed, so please don’t click on them if you don’t want to see that.Drove home at 5pm and it was still dusk, the evenings are gradually extending. Lovely. Had Peanut Buter Noodles for tea, need to work out what I’m going to have tomorrow now.

I’m off to Uckfield tomorrow to speak on local radio, and in a couple of weeks, I’ll be going to Tunbridge Wells to do a pre-recording there, for BBC, erm, Hampshire I think she said it was.



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