Hair conditioner used as makeup remover

Jul 16, 2014 | 16 comments


I used to wear makeup every day when I went to work in an office, plus heels and huge Pat Butcher earrings. I don’t wear any of those much now. The most I wear in the makeup line is a slick of tinted moisturiser, a teeny bit of eye shadow and a little mascara and neutral lipstick.

Yesterday, I wore the shadow, lipstick and mascara. Lipstick is no problem to remove at bedtime, it’s already worn off hours ago. The mascara is still there and needs removing. However, because I don’t often wear it, I had run out of remover some time ago and hadn’t bothered to replace it yet.

I had read somewhere that hair conditioner can be used to remove makeup and I had plenty of that, so I thought I’d give it a go. I put a pea sized blob on a cotton wool pad, and it worked perfectly. I was a little cautious about using it in the eye area, but it was fine. No stinging or itching at all

Asda Smartprice conditioner is 24p for 500ml, and would last for absolutely ages used as a makeup remover.

Anyone else used it? Or any other non-commercial remover?




  1. Vanessa

    I’ve been using hair conditioner as an eye makeup remover for about two years , and it’s very harmless and gets off makeup better that makeup removers themeselves! Saves money too, I have heard you can also use olive oil to get makeup offbut I haven’t gotten around to try it out myself yet

  2. Lesley

    oh yes, that’s a good tip, thanks

  3. Lesley

    thanks for your kind words Andrea:)

  4. Andrea

    Ps, absolutely LOVE your blog Lesley!

  5. Andrea

    Yes, I’ve tried all of these and they are great money saving tips, I have another tip for lipsticks – when you have used them down to the end there is a lot left in the base whereupon I either use a lip brush to use till there is none left or to be more experimental dig out the remaining lipstick and melt down with other similar colours and store in an old moisturising jar or one of those empty sample pots from the Body shop again to be used with a lip brush for the best results. I’ve made up some lovely colours over the years occasionally using lipsticks I’ve bought and not liked but after being mixed with other colours suddenly become favourites, just melt as you would chocolate in a bowl over simmering water, you’d be amazed at how easy it is and everybody has lipsticks that are too light or too dark, just experiment but stick to the similar colours at a time or you may end up with a bit of a horror!!! Good luck and have fun!

  6. Lesley

    Conditioner instead of shampoo, how intriguing! I shall def have to try that.
    And what a good way to remove waterproof mascara, I wear that occasionally and usually use ‘proper’ remover

  7. Lesley

    What a lot of really good ideas we have here. I think I’ll add them to our Hints and Tips pages. Mucho money saving

  8. Lesley

    Ooh, what a good idea, I might have to steal that one! One bottle would last for ages

  9. Lesley

    Not having young children, it’s a long time since I’ve had baby wipes in the house, wouldn’t have thought of using those

  10. Lesley

    No, it didn’t sting at all!
    Using it for shaving gel sounds a good idea, although I have perfected the art of running the shower over underarms and shins as I run the razor over, and so long as I keep the water running over whilst I shave away, there is no rash.

  11. Shoestring Cottage

    Haven’t tried that, but we use the cheapie conditioner instead of shaving gel for legs and underarms and it works a treat.
    Didn’t it sting your eyes?


  12. Shirley

    I use baby wipes which are pretty economical but will try the hair conditioner when I run outs thank you for the tip.

  13. PJ

    Hi Lesley, I haven’t tried this but I always mix up a blob of baby shampoo in water and keep in a bottle as eye make up remover, works well and doesn’t sting!

  14. Mary

    I never really ‘spend’ on facial cleanser or emo. I just use a drop of whatever oil is in the kitchen! I don’t need to moisturise after either so double savings!

  15. Donna Scott

    Ooh haven’t tried that! I have used moisturiser to remove makeup. Conditionet, I have used as a shaving lotion.

  16. ZolaSpud

    I use that 24p Asda conditioner instead of shaving foam and shampoo! I gave up shampoo in favour of that conditioner alone 2 or 3 years ago. It started off feeling a bit oilier to my own touch, but not looking any greasier. The only thing people commented on was the fact that I had more shine, volume and curl.

    I use cooking oil (veg / rapeseed) to remove eye make-up and mascara: douse a cotton wool pad under the tap, then squeeze the excess out; then drop a couple of drops of oil on top. Tackles waterproof mascara no problem!

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