Groombridge Place

Jun 4, 2016 | 4 comments


On Bank Holiday Monday this week, I went to Groombridge Place with my eldest, her husband and daughter.

Their special event was the Wizard of Oz. There were character actors in several different places.


I want that huge greenhouse!


We walked miles. Playing in the teepees


Admiring the caravans


Oohing at the monsters in the woods


This is Lesley’s favourite place. It’s a very large depiction of a pirate ship, with walkways and lots of things to climb up, over and around. You can just see part of it here. We always have to spend ages at this part


The full cast


Lesley and me


We had a great day. It wasn’t sunny like the previous day, but the rain held off and we had a lovely family time. Did you do anything nice? 



  1. Lesley

    I’ve lost a few pounds since January, but people are commenting now, so I think I must have changed shape for other people to be able to see it. It’s quite motivating!

    Interesting re potatoes, I’ve heard the same with regard to coconut. Poor Irish people lived on mainly potatoes in the past didn’t they. Would be very interested in what you find out

  2. Paula Higgleton-Wood

    Lesley, wow! Can see how much weight you’ve lost in this picture, even if you haven’t lost much you’ve certainly changed shape-for the better! Well done you!
    Just wanted to say I’m currently researching the benefits of potatoes, apparently, you can live healthily of just potatoes for extended periods of time, could be very helpful for cash strapped people. x

  3. Lesley

    Goodness, you’re busy, and all those colours! What a good friend, I hope all those favours are returned.

  4. Diane Clement

    This looks like perfect fun. Really wish I could grab my son, his wife and the 16-month old grandson and head across the seas to the UK. I like this so much better than Disneyland. Right now I am green with envy (part of that is a desire to flee what is happening here in the US right now) but soon I will be purple with beetroot burgers as I am very interested in trying that recipe. First I have to finish housesit/cat sitting for one friend + dashing down the street to feed the lonely blue fish of another friend + watering garden plots and home garden for a friend who just had a knee replacement. I’ll get to it!! Love your blog!

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