Happy Christmas to one and all

Dec 24, 2016 | 6 comments


Had a lovely day at my eldest daughter’s today. We had a traditional turkey lunch, delicious! Nothing quite like it. There were 8 of us there, including a Bolivian EFL student staying long term, including over the Christmas period. I would have been quite overwhelmed being surrounded by so many strange people when I was her age.

Christmas Leftovers

We sang some alternative carols, found out what Happy Christmas was in Spanish (spoken in Bolivia, and looked up on Google) and did some puzzles in grand daughters new Aquila magazine. I’ve got her a four month subscription to see if she liked it. Seemed to go down well. If she gets on with it, I’ll extend the subscription. Then we assembled her new bright pink, adult sized, two wheel scooter and tried to persuade her she wouldn’t fall off without the third wheel on her old outgrown version.  She was fine and I’m expecting an enthusiastic report when she test rides it outside tomorrow.

We’re doing it all again tomorrow, with a slightly different mix of people, and then again Boxing Day, with another mix!

Just listened to the recording of Carols From Kings, which I love and listen to every year, always makes me feel super festive.

Got It’s A Wonderful Life to come; turkey sandwiches, curry and pie and lots and lots of super good turkey soup; long walks in the (not very cold – still) fresh air; more crackers to pull, complete with silly jokes and hats; cracking films and other things to record to watch later; the festive quiz I found to giggle over… and lots more lovely things.

I LOVE December!

Mike is in the kitchen peeling hundreds of tiny sprouts, the turkey is in the oven, slow cooking overnight. It’s compulsory in our house to wake up on Christmas morning to the smell of turkey cooking! I’m just about to find a big sock to stuff for Mike, tangerine in the toe and lovely rustley little parcels.

So I’m off now, enjoy the festivities, I hope you have the time that you wish for, and I’ll see you on the other side.



  1. Lesley

    Lots more ideas to come yet! Looking forward to the New Year and all the adventures the next year brings

  2. Julia Taylor

    Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas!

  3. Diane Clement

    Merry Christmas, Lesley. You’ve certainly brightened my 2016. Looking forward to more in 2017.

  4. Lesley

    Thank you !

  5. Evelyn Marrs

    Merry Christmas Lesley, thanks for all your posts

  6. Evelyn Marrs

    Merry Christmas Ashleigh

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