Robins in the garden, 19 freebie books, mahoosive, bright red bags & shall I do LBLUK?

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Robins in the garden, 19 freebie books, mahoosive, bright red bags & shall I do LBLUK?

imageI noticed yesterday that the gas meter cupboard door was hanging open. But when I went to close it I found this inside. That would explain the frequent sightings of a robin in the garden then!

I tried all day today, on and off, to get a picture of him. But all I have are various pictures of bushes, trees and shrubs where he was just a second ago. Boy, does he move fast!


I think he/they are trying to build a nest on the top of the meter. I hope they do, it would be fun watching them and looking out for the chicks when they fledge.

The workmen did what they had set out to do yesterday, so we now have a roof on the extension – hooray. The roof lantern is currently covered in plywood, so all in all, the kitchen is rather dark and gloomy at the moment. However, I am waiting impatiently until we can get the end doors on, which means we can start taking the back wall of the kitchen down.

imageI went to a WI committee meeting yesterday afternoon and the woman whose house it was in asked me if I would like to go through  the books she had sorted out to go to the library and charity shop. Never one to turn down a freebie, I said of course I would. So I now have 19 extra books to work my way through. I shall pass them on to other friends or the charity shop when I have read them.

I picked up the new book club book today from the library, Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn. It’s a thriller this time, so I shall dive into that soon. I am currently reading Diary of an Ordinary Woman, edited by Margaret Forster. They are the real diaries of a woman virtually throughout the whole of the 20th century. Fascinating stuff

imageI spotted this rather splendid, and rather large, shopper in a charity shop window and went in and claimed it for a fiver. It will make a great bag to carry various bits of shopping in. I may carry it in the crook of my elbow and imagine myself a wag with her trophy Hermes! Well, that is until I get the spuds in there, whereupon it will become rather too heavy for crooks of elbows 😉

I have been thinking about doing LBLUK this year. I have a shopping list and meal plan – what do you think? Action Aid appeals as it is specifically for women and children and I can get quite cross about the inequalities in that area, here and abroad. I shall think on

I’m off to cook dinner now. We are having another meal from the rubber chicken. A tart with chicken, onion, eggs and sweetcorn. Plus I’ve got out a small box of gooseberries from last year, and I shall make a crumble with them.



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