Elderflowers and cardigans

Jun 3, 2014 | 0 comments


I tried to reblog Jen Gales post today about elderflowers, but it wouldn’t go. So here is the link.

Lots of lovely ideas to use them, and in season right now. Once you have located your elder flowers, go back again in the autumn when the remaining flowers have become berries, and pick some of those too. You can use the berries as any other soft fruit. They can be both frozen and dried, when they resemble tiny currants.

I have used them successfully in muffins, pancakes and fruit cakes. The dried ones work really well in a mixed fruit cake. They have a distinctive flavour, so you probably need to try them and see what you think.

They would probably be good in a smoothie too, although I’ve never tried that.

The cardigan pattern I have been waiting for arrived today.
image woohoo! I have a beautiful purple boiled wool fabric in my stash that I have in mind for this. Not sure how the wool will be against the skin, so I’ll hold it against my skin and see, and if necessary, I’ll line the cardigan. I’ve got something that will go. This pattern is one that can be made to look utterly different depending on the fabric used, and I’m looking forward to working with it. It could be made with a neutral fabric, and lined with something colourful or patterned for instance. All sorts of variations.




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