my meal plan for week 20Jul20

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This Weeks Meal Plan

Monday – Mint & Lemon Pasta Pesto. I wanted to use mint from the garden. I made something similar to this Sage, Lemon and Pumpkin Seed.    The mint is rampant in the garden, and I picked all the tender top shoots off, added some lemon balm and chives and mixed it all up with the zest and juice of a lemon and Parmesan. Ooh, too sharp! Added a handful of raisins which worked well. But it didn’t taste of either mint or lemon, which was a bit weird. The strongest taste was Parmesan. I liked it, but I want to try again at some point to get the fresh lemon and mint flavour I was after

apple mint


mint and lemon pasta pesto


Tuesday – my eldest is coming for a visit. She is diabetic, so I needed to come up with something low carb. I decided on Nut Balls in Tomato Sauce, accompanied by carrots in verjuice. With poached pears to follow. I’m not using wine as that is high in carbs so decided to use red grape juice. But I couldn’t find any grape juice in Aldi, so I’m going to use apple juice, and a twist of lemon peel

Wednesday – Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese. We usually have cauliflower cheese with broccoli, mushrooms and a bit of pasta mixed in

Thursday – Cheesey jacket potatoes with roasted veg. I bake the jackets in the microwave, scoop out the potato and mash it with butter and cheese. Then pile it all back in, and when we’re ready to eat, blast them in the oven until crispy. While they’re crisping, I’ll cook some garlicky roots to go with them

Friday – I’m having to do a pizza of some kind each week as my husband is currently mad on them! So this weeks is BBQ chicken with tiny sweety pie peppers from a jar

Saturday – Porcini Risotto. I have some freeze dried porcini powder which I’ll use for this and roast some carrots tossed with sesame seeds and maybe some honey

Sunday – Spaghetti Carbonara Probably have a bit of salad with it

So that’s the plan for this week, we’ll see how it goes




Meal Plan - 20Jul20



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