Miss-made recipes, insomnia and exercise

Oct 17, 2015 | 0 comments


We had veggie lasagna at lunchtime today from Meal Plan 10 to test it out. All was going well, and layered it all up. Then turned round and saw the white sauce sauce still sitting on the hob! Damn! I considered dismantling and relayering it, but the pasta was too soft, so I just put all the sauce on the top.

Issue number 2 – I was going to blog the recipe today, but then realised I had already done it. Damn again!

Oh well, we enjoyed a nice lunch!


I have been been sleeping really badly this week, I have insomnia every now and then. I’ve just been getting a couple of hours each night – exhausting.  Often when I can’t sleep very well, I am awake until about 4am, then I get a few hours and that seems to keep me going alright for the day. It’s been different this week. Fewer hours asleep after 4am, and desperate to sleep all day. Then by the afternoon, I’m waking up and by bed time, I’m wide awake.

A few months ago, I bought some (very expensive!) glasses that filter out the long wave blue light emitted by TV, iPad and laptop screens. That blue light says to our brains that it’s daytime, and time to be alert and awake. So not great in the evening when we are supposed to be slowing down and coasting towards bedtime.

I wondered if watching telly in the evening was a cause of my insomnia, so, last night I wore them all evening, managed to stay awake and not nap, although I went to bed at 9. I dropped off within the hour and slept well – hooray! Now whether that was because I was so exhausted I would have done anyway, or because of the glasses, I don’t know. But I shall be experimenting over the next few months to see if I can spot a pattern. I can’t wear my reading glasses to use the iPad, or long distance glasses, to watch TV while I am wearing the filter glasses. Last night I watched Gardeners World while wearing them, which made looking at the plants interesting!

Because I’ve been so tired, I haven’t been exercising much, which may  have been affecting my sleep. A vicious circle. So today, I made sure I had some. New husband and I walked four miles around the leafy lanes, stopping off for a quick pint halfway round at The Half Moon. It was lovely, the sun was warm and low in the sky, we chatted all the way round, and I was feeling virtuous for going. Nice to blow the cobwebs away.



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