Fruit, Floors and Gifts

Aug 27, 2014 | 2 comments


Spotted these little fellas having a team bath this morning and took this picture of them through the window. Didn’t dare move in case I scared them off.



DP has been working hard over the last two days getting the old tiles and hardboard off the kitchen floor. Seems strange seeing everything changing. And of course, there’s a lot more to come yet.


The Scrumptious apple tree in the back garden is looking completely wonderful right now. I pick a few every few days, carefully thinning out the crowded clumps, taking half a dozen small apples each time. The rest are swelling almost visibly with all the rain we have had over the last few days.


We are also eating a freshly picked Discovery most days, from the front garden. We literally pick an apple and eat it immediately, much the best way to enjoy this particular variety.

Then there are the plums, ripening rapidly. Nowhere near as many as last year, but quite a few nonetheless. And the tree out the back has some this year too, for the first time.

Plus the pears are ripening. We both like pears hard and crispy. Although they do give me terrible wind – blush.

We are having a little bowl with a bit of apple, a bit of pear and a plum or two most days at the moment.
Yesterday and today, I have been writing a new page, Gifts. The idea is to accumulate lots of ideas for gifts for all occasions for minimal cost (in cash terms). I shall be revisiting the page to add new things all the time, and I am hoping that others will offer ideas and links too.

Much as we did for Valentines Day, there are many ways to engage in and enjoy the festivals and celebrations of whatever culture we live in, without being pulled into the spending orgy that big business so wants us to do. Unless we want to of course, it’s very much a personal choice. What I am trying to do here is to offer an alternative, and possibly introduce a different way of looking at these occasions.




  1. Lesley

    the floorboards do look good don’t they. I do like the look of bare floorboards, but there is a huge cavity underneath, with icy hurricanes blowing through in winter. I would love to be able to put the underfloor heating there too, or loads of insulation. But at the moment, that may well be a step too far.

    Rabbits, like squirrels, are a bit of a mixed blessing. Adorable little creatures, that given half a chance will run rampage. It feels like autumn here, very much like the end of September, and we’re still in August for goodness sake. Windfalls – in August! Goes with the early everything else I suppose. The runner beans are nearly finished, the tomatoes the same, and the whole garden has a moving into autumn feel about it. Hope that doesn’t mean we are in for a long haul through to Spring

  2. Sue

    Communal bathing eh!!

    We had a whole group of rabbits sat eating the windfalls, watched by me through the kitchen window while I was washing the pots yesterday morning. Thankfully NOT spotted by Rosy the Jack Russell, who eats rabbit at every opportunity!!

    Love the progress with your kitchen, those look like pretty decent floorboards you are unearthing 🙂

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