Free Berries From A Good Friend

Aug 4, 2013 | 2 comments


Free Berries From A Good Friend

currants from Michelleso went to my friends house today and picked some berries. Came away with 3 boxes of blackcurrants and 2 of red currants. There are lots more there, but I don’t have any freezer space!

She was also kind enough to give me a box of eggs (thinks…. wonder what a blackcurrant omelette would be like?)

DP has requested oaty blackcurrant crumble for this eve, he loves crumbles. I have a wonderful recipe for a red currant tart somewhere, I must dig that out. It only works with fresh red currants, not ones that have been frozen, so a very seasonal treat



  1. Lesley

    mmmm, yes, good idea!

  2. Sue

    Never mind blackcurrant omelette, I’m thinking blackcurrant pancakes ….. yummy!!

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