The cutest teeny tiny christmas stockings

Nov 5, 2014 | 0 comments


Saw these cutest of cute little knitted mini Christmas Stockings on Elaine Colliar’s blog, Mortgage Free In Three on Monday.  I made the tiny pink one, and will be making a tiny toy to go in it so that DGD can give it to her dolly. How cute is that!


Then I thought I might make a frieze with some, maybe with Merry Christmas on them or the numbers of the days of Christmas. So I made the red one and was happy with that.

Then I fiddled and twiddled and made an Excel with all the letters and numbers on so that I could make a frieze. I think I’m going to go with ‘Merry Christmas’. That’s where the white one comes in, the first letter, ‘M’.   If you fancy having a go at anything, here is the PDF file with them all in.     Christmas stocking letters and numbers

The way it works in Elaine’s pattern is that there are 20 stitches, and the leg of the stocking has 17 rows available for decoration. So I have made a block of 20 stitches and 17 rows. If you want to use it, row 1 of the block that you want to use equates to the first of the 17 rows of stocking stitch. If you can follow pattern blocks, you should be able to follow these (I hope)

You could make up a childs name, or the 12 days of Christmas, or anything else you like with these.

Once I have done all the letters, I shall string them all together with a crocheted ‘rope’, or a bit of ribbon or something.  Then I’ll show you, all proud!

Here are M E R R Y




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