A Sunday walk that left me feeling refreshed and uplifted

Sep 17, 2017 | 0 comments


Just a quick post today to tell you about some free fun we had today. Walking is the most popular leisure activity in the UK. It’s good for our well being, our health, obviously, and all sorts of good things health wise can come from it. And I’m sure the fact that it’s free has something to do with its popularity too.  So today we decided to walk along the Cuckoo Trail which starts in Heathfield. Or I suppose really, I should say that one end is in Heathfield, the other end is at Hampden Park, in Eastbourne. I wanted to do a bit that we hadn’t done before, so we drove to Horam and walked in the direction of Hailsham. It was lovely! A really interesting and pretty part, we’ll be doing this part again. There were parts in deep deep culverts, and parts high up overlooking the surrounding country side.

We came across lots of interesting things to loomat along the way. There were several of these camps made from fallen branches. I can just imagine the fun had building it and playing in it.

Wooden camp

Strangely, there were half a dozen socks at random points, each one stuck carefully onto a tree branch. And one pink waterproof glove, with one finger extended. Pointing out the way?

A sock on a branch

There were loads of sloes, blackberries, titchy apples and rose hips. At one of the bridges, there was this lovely sculpture on each side.

Sculpture             Sculpture

There were beautiful woods either side of the path, and at one point there was an old tree chopped off at the trunk, with old ivy stems. And perched on top was what at first I thought was an owl nesting box. But there was only a small insect sized hole and either bees or wasps going busily in and out. The tree trunk was very high, and in the woods as well, so I couldn’t really see what type of insect they were

Old tree     .

We walk along the trail until we’ve done half the number of steps we are aiming at. We were aiming at 12,000, so we needed to walk for 6,000. But when I checked it was 6,600, so we decided we might as well make it 7,000. Then we turned round and came back. I felt refreshed and uplifted by the time we got back to the car and we’d done 14,000 steps.  Brilliant!



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