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Aug 18, 2015 | 4 comments


Well, I am now a Mrs, and I’m going to have to think up another two letter acronym for my new husband. Ooh, that does seem strange writing that.

The last post seems to have been re-set to Draft, goodness knows why, so I’ve republished it. It’s even kept the original publish date!

Anyway, to Saturday! We had a lovely, lovely day. We invited 40 family and friends to The White Hart in Lewes. We wanted to go there as they have a licensed room, so we could get married there, as well as have the reception. Didn’t want the travelling between venues. I don’t believe in inviting people merely because they are related. Everyone there was there because we wanted them to be. I spoke with everybody and enjoyed every minute.

A big group of family had lunch together before things kicked off, which lovely and relaxed.

The venue did a good job, the food was great, both rooms were lovely, and there is a big terrace we could use. Just as well, as it was very hot. The staff there were quietly efficient, just smoothly getting on with things, very soothing.

Then, later on, we had a samba band come and play for us. They were very loud, huge fun and great entertainment. I absolutely loved it, which was obvious, and they got me and my elder daughter to bang away enthusiastically on two of their drums for quite a while. Or maybe they just wanted us to stop our wild jumping around. It was, as my DGD might say, mega magenta awesome.

Nothcote manor

I wanted to show you the link to the hotel, but I am getting a ‘might be hacked’ warning when I try to go to it. So if you want to see it, and Google it, use your judgement.

My younger daughter has a bad back at present. She is a nurse and many nurses damage their backs. She managed the ceremony, dosed up on pain killers, but then had to retreat to her room to lay flat. Very glad we had got both daughters a room for the night each. Goodness knows what she could have done without it. Well I do, she would have had to have gone home. Such a shame she missed lots of it, very glad she saw us actually get married.

On Sunday we all had breakfast together before going on our respective ways. We then went home and packed to come to Devon, where we are now, to a super luxurious country Manor House. I got a great dinner, bed and breakfast deal from Secret Escapes. Still flipping expensive, but a lot less expensive than it would have been. A friend is keeping an eye on the house for us while we are away.

We had a long drive down, stopping off for a very nice lunch in a country pub about halfway. Travelling is exhausting isn’t it! I don’t how I could be so tired when all I had done all day was sit on my bum in the car!

The hotel is Northcote Manor, a lovely old Manor House. The food we’ve had so far has been extremely good, they have a good reputation for it. It is very posh and I do like a bit of posh now and again. They are looking after us very well, just the right side of attentive.

I have my bridal bouquet in a vase, so I can enjoy the rest of its life, and all the wedding cards are arrayed on the mantel piece, so it feels very celebratory.

Last night, we dressed for dinner and had pre-dinner canapés in the sitting room. Then there was an amuse bouchée of a tiny bowl of butternut squash soup. It was clear and tasted very fresh and the essence of the vegetable. Then I had a duck and chicken parfait, followed by a beautiful fillet of Brill with interesting vegetables. All beautifully presented. This morning there was the most delicious fruit salad bowl with lovely thick yogurt. Then I had a piece of smoked haddock and a poached egg. Even the toast is lovely. Thick cut wedges of delicious granary bread.

We’ve just hung around here all day today. We went for a walk to a nearby pub, but it was closed until 4pm. So it was about a mile downhill down a long track, then straight back up again, uphill all the way. Still, that’s my fitness for the day I suppose.


We had a late lunch of a very posh sandwich in the lovely summerhouse. The waiter said if we wanted anything else, not to walk ‘all that way’ back to the house, but to ring him on my mobile phone! Hahahaha, how the other half live!

Just had a little snooze, read my book for a bit, and now I’m talking to you.

Tomorrow we may go to see the Dartington glass works, and there are lots of other things to see and do here too. Although I intend to do a whole lot of nothing too




  1. Lesley

    Thank you Sue 🙂

  2. Sue

    Congratulations. Wishing you many happy years together. xx

  3. Lesley

    Just had a read of your write up, interesting comments re portion size. I’ll have a look when I get home
    Maybe I need to make it clearer when you might need the top up cakey extras

  4. M from There's Value

    Many congratulations! I wish you every success in your marriage 🙂

    P.S. we’re currently doing week 2 of your meal plans and writing up our thoughts on the website

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