Fresh flowers, and silk ones – a comparison

Mar 7, 2017 | 8 comments


Fresh flowers, and silk ones

I like to have fresh flowers in the house. Not many, just the odd bunch. Last year, I bought a lovely display from Bloom, which makes high quality silk flowers. They are so realistic, that, to start with, I felt compelled to say ‘you do know they aren’t real’, whenever anyone admired them!

This is the base, foliage display. I’m not that keen on the little bud type things, they look rather plastic. But I got it so that I can add single spray items suitable to the season

Foliage arrangement


For the winter, I added 3 stems of white ranunculus

White silk flower

Then, a bit later on, I added three stems each of of three colours of lilac

Silk lilac
There is even a little bit of cotton wool tucked away in the display with a realistic perfume on it .

Silk flower bouquet


It looks really good, I’m really pleased with it. I’ll get some stems of roses for the summer, taking out the lilac, and maybe dahlias for the autumn. Bearing in mind, I also have a lovely autum display tucked away in the loft, I might not do the dahlias.

Are they worth it?

I am aiming to have a display appropriate for the time of year. So at least 4 displays, 1 for each season. They are pretty expensive. The individual stems can usually be had, on offer, at 3 stems for £18 each. So that’s 3 ranunculus (£18) and 3 x 3 lilac (£18 x 3), plus the original foliage display, currently on sale for £79. That makes my arrangement a whopping £151

But I’ve worked out that if I buy this and display it for a 3 month season, for each of 4 years, before I get tired of looking at it, that works out to £3 a week. A  modest bunch of flowers. So if I have got tired of a display, I won’t feel too bad about passing it on. I could even sell it on eBay and get some cash back.



  1. Lesley

    They sound lovely. Alstromeria last for weeks and weeks

  2. Karolyn

    My local Tesco sells various bunches of real flowers at £3…beautiful purple iris, roses, tulips, astromeria etc. Add a little green foliage from the garden and you can have a different display every week. Real flowers every time for me

  3. Lesley

    I had a look on eBay yesterday to see if Bloom flowers were sold there. Yes they are, but at much the same price as from Bloom itself. So unless you want something no longer sold by Bloom, not worth getting from eBay. Good for when I come to sell them on and get something else though!

  4. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

    These are beautiful! I want to get some fake flowers for the house – love real ones but they don’t last long at all. I heard there’s some roses now that they manage to preserve for a whole year, unsure of the price though.

  5. jo

    £3 per week seems a lot. I have leaves and flowers from the garden or hedgerows most of the year. Currently, hyacinths in pots – the bulbs from poundland and twigs of cherry blossom. The bulbs are planted out in the garden for next year. Summer is roses, lavender, geraniums…

  6. Vin

    I thought they looked great until I saw the price!
    They are pretty, and you can afford them, so good for you. But I’ll stick with my forever-almost-dead rose for now 🙂

  7. Lesley

    Can you really! I’ll try that

  8. Janene

    Hi Lesley,
    Did you know you can wash silk flowers in the top rack of the dishwasher. I’ve done this and they come out like new.

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