A late walk, some early blackberries and a mish mash

Aug 4, 2014 | 3 comments


A late walk, some early blackberries and a mish mash


After a day of this and that, I had done less than 1500 steps, so at 8pm, I took myself off for a walk. I was determined to hit that target! Within two minutes I was looking at this view, how lucky am I.



Within a few more minutes, I spotted these early blackberries. Wow, blackberries already.

Dinner this evening was a mish mash of things that needed using. First up was a couple of pork chops from Iceland that had been in the freezer for a while.

Then I fried an onion, added half a red pepper, a huge carrot, diced, and masses of fine sliced runner beans. We have HUGE amounts of them, I shall be having them for breakfast at the rate they keep growing!

Then I chopped up an absolutely manhoosive brandy wine tomato, added that, with some seasoning, and let it all bubble for a while.

Aren’t they great!


While I was prepping the mish mash, there were a couple of large courgette, sliced and seasoned, drizzled with oil, roasting in the oven.

It was yummy, and there’s some left for tomorrow’s lunch too.



  1. Sue

    I spotted Blackberries on one of our bushes to the other day, it is very early for them isn’t it.

    I think I’ll start a box in the freezer and pick as I see them rather than wait for them all to appear later, just in case there is going to be a problem with the usual Autumn harvest.

  2. Angela Almond

    The blackberries seem particularly early this year – I have already picked some from the bramble bush in the church car park- usually they come in september.

  3. kay hooper

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