Run off my feet by a 6 year old

Jul 29, 2014 | 4 comments


a young girl in a playground, wearing pink leggings and a stripy t-shirt.

Picked up 6 yr old DGD today for a few days visit. We visited Pevensey Castle and had a good look round there. A nice visit. While we were looking down the oubliette, a nesting bird vented straight down the back of my top. Felt it warm and dribbling while DP was trying to mop me up. Yeargh. We had wondered if it was going to rain. It was quite overcast and damp feeling when we set off, so we had coats and wet weather shoes with us. After the castle we went for a bit of lunch at a nearby pub, by which time it was scorching. Bit of shopping in Asda, charity shop visit with pocket money burning a hole, playground in the afternoon, followed by making pictures, picking tomatoes, picking runner beans, examining courgettes, looking for bugs, playing Minecraft, watching a DVD, eating strawberries and ice cream and a bacon sandwich, brushing hair, applying various creams, cleaning teeth, reading numerous stories…….. It’s now 10:30, I’m about to get ready for bed, and a little voice keeps calling out ‘Nanny, I’m not asleep yet’ Will I make it to Thursday?



  1. Lesley

    What a busy three days we have had, it was pretty full on!

  2. Tracey and Lesley

    Well I know your having fun mum, as Lesley informs me she’s having a lovely adventure with Nanny and Grandad, although she’s missing me as much as I’m missing her šŸ™‚ I’ve been hearing all about her adventures today šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see her face tomorrow night with the cake, that I’m about to attempt finishing. Fingers crossed it will work. Glad she liked your birthday cake to!! Love you Mum and Dad. Thankyou so much for being a wonderful set of grandparents. šŸ™‚ xxxxx

  3. Andrea

    Sounds like you had a lovely day with your little granddaughter, and unpleasant as the birds present was, you know what they say about it!!

  4. kay h

    I have a granddaughter this age, I am sure you will survive and love every precious moment

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