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Sep 7, 2014 | 4 comments


This is where we are up to today. The picture above was taken this evening, showing the 300mm pullout unit in place, without the metal baskets.

To go back a few steps, the corner, emptied out.


The corner with some floor tiles down to go under the unit as it is a walk in larder.


The enormous unit in place. Lifting this into place was a saga! I was afraid that it was too much for me to lift, and that I would drop it, and break it.  I kept asking DP to get his friend round to help. We ummed and aahed about how to get it upright. Because of its size, it wasn’t just a case of heaving it up, it would have whacked the ceiling. In the end, he worked out that he could lift it, twist it halfway to avoid bashing the ceiling, then lift it all the way. And that’s what he did. All by himself. I called him Hercules for the rest of the day!


The next part in place, much easier to get up. You can see the wooden support that DP made to support them underneath, rather then those silly little flimsy legs that made it completely impossible to raise the unit from the floor to upright.


The wine rack in


Electrics being done for the next unit, where the oven will be built in. The towel is there because DP keeps whacking his head on the extractor and nearly ripping it off in a rage 😉


Loading up the larder. This capacious unit has swallowed the whole of my previous overstuffed larder cupboard, plus numerous kitchen gadgetry and several boxes of overflow supplies from Approved Food. In the pull out unit, I shall put things like mustards, oils and vinegars and small things so they are easier to lay my hands on.

We are both currently aching from all the box lifting and heaving of units about, and very tired. I have a busy week this coming week, and I don’t want to do any of it now, I want to stay home and play kitchens!





  1. Lesley

    They are supposed to be wine shelves, but I found a MUCH better use for them!

  2. Sarah

    I love the can-sized shelves! Really cute! 🙂

  3. Lesley

    I know, it’s a pain about the emails isn’t it. Brendon at Lemoneye had been on hol for a week after the changeover, he’s back now and I’m hoping he will be able to find out what it is this week.
    You made me laugh imagining you painting and crying both at the same time! I find painting very boring. I like the end result, but don’t like doing it.
    I am lucky that DP can do so many things, he saves us a fortune. If we had had to hire a kitchen fitter, it would have made an already expensive exercise even more expensive.

  4. Diane

    This looks wonderful. What an accomplishment! The pullouts are going to be great. I did a kitchen renovation when I moved into my mobilehome five years ago. I did all of the demolition which was fun and all the painting, which was NOT. I painted and cried, simultaneously, a lot. I had to hire out the rest because, unlike you, I don’t have a DP. Congrats to him on getting that big cabinet in place. Looking forward to seeing the finished kitchen.

    I stopped receiving your emails when you switched to this new service. I finally noticed and went to your website. Can this be remedied??

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