Poop, larders and less than £1 a day, how about 53p?

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Has the poop hit the fan? Do you need to feed people for less than £1 a day? Crucial question, do you have a larder?If you do, then these recipes may help. There are no exotic ingredients, just ordinary things like carrots, onions, flour, rapeseed oil, oats, sugar, beetroot and value feta.

It’s a little carb heavy, but if it has reached the stage of needs must, full bellies are more important.

Up to 50g of oats per person, made with 150ml of skimmed milk and it will keep you going for longer than oats made with water. 10p plus a sprinkle of sugar, or a dollop of value or home made jam.

2 slices of cinnamon toast 8p
Raisin pancakes 8p
Jammy Oat Bars, 7p

Sardine paste sandwich 10p
2 slices beans on toast, value bread and beans 11p
Spicy lentil soup 16p
Hummus and grated carrot sandwich 9p

Balti spring green pancakes 15p
Gnocchi in tomato sauce 15p
Tomato Dahl and couscous 17p, use couscous instead of rice
Coconut Dahl and rice 17p
Lemon Dahl and rice 18p
Peanut butter noodles 18p
Scone pizza 23p, or use sourdough if you have any in the fridge
Beetroot and feta tart 24p
Butter bean and veg curry 24p
Olive drop scones, crispy onions and grated carrot salad 24p
Vegetable crumble 25p
Chloe and nan 27p
Bacon and sweet corn pie with mash and peas 32p

Add in the extra calories you need with
Rosemary scone 2p
Tomato scone 5p
Baked jam or marmalade sponge 13p
Lemon and sugar pancakes 9p
Oaty biscuits 1p each

Sample day
Oats with milk and sugar 300 cals
Hummus sandwich 243 calories, use home made bread and you can get extra calories by slicing it thicker
Bacon and sweetcorn pie 750 cals
That’s 1300 calories
Top up to 2000 with a couple of rosemary scones at 310 cals each
That’s a total of just 55p


Cinnamon Toast , 300 cals, be generous with the oil to get more calories
Spicy lentil soup, 270 cals, with a tomato scone, 300 cals
Coconut Dahl and rice, 600 cals
Add in the cals to 2000 with 7 oaty biscuits at 77 cals each
A total of a miserly 53p



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