A skip of rubble


A skip of rubble

imageOops, thought I had posted this last night!

We’ve got a skip outside at the moment, and today we have been busy tipping stuff into it.

From early this morning DP and myself have been shovelling spoil from the foundations etc into a wheelbarrow and pushing it round the front, up a scaffold board ramp and into the skip.

Very tiring stuff. Frequent breaks were called for with lie downs on the sofa. We managed to shift an enormous pile. Still lots more to go.

Because the garden slopes slightly, and the extension goes further out into the garden, we need to level off the area where we want the new patio to be. So that will involve more digging, and probably another skip.

We’ll be ordering the lintel soon to support the roof when we take the existing back wall of the kitchen down, then we will have our lovely open space and start to really plan just what we are going to do with it. It’s going to make such a difference.

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