This week, free food and cold days

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This week, free food and cold days


The last few days

This week, the days are whizzing by extra fast! I don’t seem to be doing anything much except go to the gym, eat and digest! I’m being really good and recording every mouthful on myFitnesspal so I know accurately how many calories I’m having. A couple of days I haven’t had as much as I’m supposed to as I just couldn’t face that much food. On other days, when I have burned off millions of calories, I have to exercise restraint. Nothing much happening on the weight loss front yet, but I’m trusting in the process so far. Will probably get impatient if nothing happens next week either.

Have done all four of my scheduled workouts this week. Took 2 hours for the first one, and nearly that on the next two! What with that, recovery afterwards and something to eat, it all takes a good half a day. It’s no wonder I’m not finding time for other things. The fourth one is a good old stretch out that takes about 45 minutes, so I thought I’d go for a brisk walk round the block first. Didn’t turn out to be all that brisk in the first third as the ground was frozen and the path and road were deadly. I was creeping along muttering to myself that I didn’t like it. Where the rain was draining off gardens and over the path and road, it was sheet ice, and black ice too at points. I hate slipperiness, always have, even as a child. I could never see why people got excited over snow falling. The other side of the hill was more in the sun, so it had melted the frost enough that I could stride along. That was more like it.

Free food

Had a sort of free meal this evening. A lovely sea bass fillet from Marks and Sparks. I bought a pack using vouchers some time ago and they are stashed in the freezer. I count lovely M&S food bought with vouchers as ‘free’. Had that with some Pink Fir Apple potatoes that I grew in the garden, so they weren’t much. And some green beans.

Had a lovely chicken and mango salad at lunchtime, not sure it would price up. I’ll price it tomorrow and see how much it comes out at.

Have you got your heating on today?

Up until this point, we have just had a fire in the evening using some of the free wood we accumulated. It got lit a bit earlier as the temperature dropped, but now we finally have proper cold winter weather, we’ve had the central heating on for the last couple of days, as well as the wood burner. The frost this morning was really hard. We needed one really to kill off overwintering bugs, but goodness knows what it will do to all the plants thinking that spring had come and putting out shoots.



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