A seasonal change over of my silk flower display

Jun 26, 2017 | 0 comments


I updated my silk flower arrangement today, to be used for the next three months.

This is what it looked like before. A base foliage display, fixed in resin in the vase, white Ranunculus and three different shades of Lilac.

Silk flowers

Stripped out the Lilac and put them away carefully to be used again next year.

Silk flowers

Kept the white Ranunculus

Silk flowers


And prepared the Iris and Foxgloves – I have to take about 3″ off the bottom to be used in this base foliage display. The Iris stems were so thick, I had to wait until Mike got home before I could cut them. I tried all sorts of tools, even rummaging in the strange cornucopia of men’s stuff in the garage, trying to find something that would go through the wire.

When he got home, he tried pliers. Nope. Then showed me how to use an angle grinder. That did the job. I was a bit scared of using something so fierce, but I did, and felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

Added in the shortened stems to the foliage. I’m not very happy with the display yet, I’ve had another fiddle with it, and will do again, until it looks how I want it. Bloom wise, I’m very pleased with the new additions. I also got some stems of Cosmos, but they looked very cheap, didn’t like them at all, so they’ll be going back.

Silk flowers





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