Loving leftovers, sock bouquets and using plastic bottles to make boxes

Sep 20, 2014 | 0 comments


More kitchen stuff today. While we were busy, I took out a couple of meals from the freezer for dinner. So we had  mango, coconut and chickpea curry.

At lunchtime, I ‘loved our leftovers’ as they say. There was a tea cup of Thai curry in the fridge, along with a similar amount of spicy chickpeas. In a pan there were a few sauted mixed veg leftover from last night. So everything was put in the same pan, along with half a cup of red lentils, half a pepper going soft, some cauliflower stalks and some water and the whole simmered together for 15 minutes and whizzed. Result, lunch, and very nice it was too.

In breaks in the work, I had a little play on Pinterest and Google and found some interesting stuff. After discovering such unusual things yesterday on using citrus peel, I was trying to think of other odd things that could be used for something. So I looked up old socks and plastic bottles 🙂

sock flowers

Old socks turned up beautiful sock bouquets and using them to make quilts, although I couldn’t find any instructions for the latter.  And here is a site that has 58, yes, 58 ways to use old/odd socks!  Many of the socks in the posts were very colourful, all the old socks in this house seem to be black ones! Even so, it seems that anything can be put to good use if only you have the inspiration



plastic bottle box

I loved this instructable on making a storage box using plastic bottles and can see lots of different uses for it, different sizes, lined with fabric, etc. There are many, many uses for plastic bottles,  just Google it and 100’s will come up




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