Sequins, off-cuts and an alternative LBLUK list

Mar 28, 2015 | 3 comments


Had to go to Tunbridge Wells today, first time I’ve been out of the house in 2 weeks. I walked up the road to a locksmith, all of 5 minutes away. I went really, really slowly and it was still a bit much for me. Got a bit giddy at one point. Still hacking away and my District Nurse DD2 told me I have to see the GP on Monday and get some anti-biotics.

Popped into a fabric shop next door to the locksmith and got a couple of bargain offcuts. When I got home, (after a little rest) I made this little t-shirt for my DGD. I was pretty pleased with it, but on pressing it, the shiny bits were coming off, so it isn’t going to last long.  Shame. Oh well, on to the next one. That off cut was only £1.50, so not much lost. I’ll check the fit tomorrow when I see DGD, and I have lots of other fabric that can be pressed into t-shirt service, including unused (too small – sssh) t-shirts.

The other off-cut is this lovely cotton jersey. It is 2.15 metres of 64 inch wide fabric, for £7.51. So plenty there for a long t-shirt for me and DGD, and something else too.




In the meantime, here’s another possible LBLUK shopping list, got some sardines in this one :).

500g leeks £0.29
1kg carrots £0.49
500g beetroot £0.45
2 tins tomatoes £0.62
250g baking spread £0.39
value marmalade or jam £0.27
2 tins sardines in oil £0.74
800g wholemeal loaf £0.40
tin kidney beans £0.23
500g penne £0.29
1kg oats £0.75
Total £4.92







  1. Katherine

    Another healthy list and including sardines so it must be good. I do like leeks. They are very cheap, aren’t they? I’ll have to look in Lidl to see if they are the same price. My crop was tiny this year, but it always seems wrong to buy them somehow, which is silly. I don’t know where my nearest Aldi is.
    I’ll look forward to all the oat recipes too.

  2. Lesley

    These were from Aldi Julia, are you in the UK?
    Oh no, just remembered, you’re in the tropics. Lots of lovely fresh fruit from the market then?

  3. Julia

    I wish I could buy veggies at these prices. Marmelade @ 27 p – to die for.

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