An early start, millions of calories, old favourites and new discoveries

Jan 5, 2016 | 0 comments


Had a lovely day today. It started off early as I woke up at 5:00am.


Millions  of calories

At 8:00 I went off up to the gym for my set up meeting with my new coach for the next 12 weeks. One of the things he did was work out how many calories he wanted me to eat, along with the composition of protein, fat and carbs. He said ‘it will be more than you think’, and it blimming well was. 2825! As I have been trying to average 1700 throughout the 7 days of the week, that’s a huge amount more. As I know that I lose weight on 1700, and not if I have more, I’m intriqued to see what happens. He even said ‘I’ll start you off on a 200 calorie deficit’ say what! Even with all the exercise I’ll be doing, I don’t see how I can burn all that off. I’m trusting him at the moment, it’s not as if I’m managing to drop any weight doing my own thing is it.  We shall see. When I got back, having taken down the Christmas decorations a couple of days ago, yesterday I decluttered the main storage unit in the sitting room. Today, got rid of a lot of stuff, and got New Husband to sort out a huge box of clutter from there. Very satisfying.

Old favourites

This afternoon, the U3A budget cookery group came round. We always have a good time, and today was no exception. We made the Abel & Cole Peanut Butter Noodles. I used some honey I was given at Christmas, mmm, it brought an extra level of flavour. When we had finished with that, we made some Peperonata with some Sainsburys Basics peppers. They both went down very well and they all went off very happy with their pots of goodies.

A new variation

I decided to make a variation of Vegetable Crumble for dinner this evening. I replaced half the flour in the topping with stuffing mix and left out the cheese. In the base, I added 160g dark turkey, and a splash of double cream. It worked really well, and I could have replaced all the flour with the stuffing mix. It was the teensiest bit too crunchy, so perhaps I should mix a little water with the mix first. Didn’t really notice the cream, so I shall have the other half of the base mix with mash and veg so I can appreciate the cream. I’m off to burn off some off those millions of calories and work out what to eat for the rest of the week with the new nutrient balance



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