Aching muscles and brain, and a shopping list

Jan 6, 2015 | 9 comments


As I sit here aching from the latest session in the gym, I am trying to work out a puzzle. One of my grandchildren wrote it down for me at Christmas, and do you think I can solve it? No!

If you want a bit of fun, that may well drive you nuts, have a go at this.

Who Owns The Fish?

There are five houses in a row and in five different colours.

In each house lives a person from a different country.

Each person drinks a certain drink, plays a certain sport, and keeps a certain pet.

No two people drink the same drink, play the same sport, or keep the same pet.

The Brit lives in a red house
The Swede keeps dogs
The Dane drinks tea
The green house is on the left of the white house
The green house owner drinks coffee
The person who plays polo rears birds
The owner of the yellow house plays hockey
The man living in the house right in the centre drinks milk
The Norwegian lives in the first house
The man who plays baseball lives next to the man who keeps cats
The man who keeps horses lives next to the one who plays hockey
The man who plays billiards drinks beer
The German plays soccer
The Norwegian lives next to the blue house
The man who plays baseball has a neighbour who drinks water.

Who Owns The Fish?

I went to the gym yesterday and today. Next sessions on Thurs & Fri. I took my phone with me this time as I wanted to take part in a Planking challenge. If you are wondering how a phone will help, it’s because I can use a stopwatch on it to time myself. Did a minute, and it was very hard! I used to compete on the ergonomic rower a great many years ago, so I am enjoying using that to get aerobically fitter.  It takes me a couple of hours to cool down again, I walk round in my gym t-shirt, in January!

Yesterday, I was sorting through a cupboard, the one where I keep all the clothes I can’t currently get into and keep, optimistically, and where I also stuff the fabric I have ear-marked for various projects.  I forget what is in these types of stashes, do you?  One of the things I found was a massive length of dusty green velvet. Dusty green in colour that is, not covered in dust.  I want a cover for the sofa in the new kitchen room as the sofa we have is dark brown leather and doesn’t really suit this house much. I have tried a length of blue patterned fabric I found in the cupboard previously ( I was further in yesterday  ), but every time I sat on the sofa, I had to hoick the cover back into place when I got up. Not ideal. So all I had to do with the green velvet was cut the length in two and sew the selvedges together. I spent ages making sure the pile ran the same way on both pieces and when I put it in position on the sofa, yes, you guessed it, the pile was going in two directions. Sigh.

So this morning, I undid it all and did it again. It looks really nice now, and there is a huge hangover on all sides, so plenty of room for the fabric to get moved when being used.  One end has a great deal of fabric left, so once I know that we will definitely use it, I’ll lop the excess off and I may even make myself a skirt out of it, it looks like there would be enough. I don’t want to lop it off if we then decide not to use it.

Last week, I started the process of another weekly plan. This is what the shopping basket currently looks like. I have checked that there are enough calories for an adult male and female. I still need to check the other nutrition, then decide what to make with it. I have a rough plan, but that gets tweaked in the finalising process.

What would you make with this?

Asda Asda Bean sprouts, 360g £0.50
Carrots, 1kg £0.57
SP onions, 2kg £1.08
White cabbage, 1kg £0.58
SP natural yoghurt 500g £0.45
SP chicken, 1.3kg £3.22
SP peanut butter 340g £0.62
Asda dark soy sauce 150ml £0.59
Asda sweet chilli sauce £1.00
KTC creamed coconut, 200g £0.76
rapeseed oil, 1 litre £1.00
TRS brown lentils, 500g £1.00
Asda medium egg noodles, 500g £1.86
porridge, 1kg £0.75
flour, 1.5kg £0.45
sugar, 1kg £0.59



  1. Lesley

    Oh yes, you’re quite right, that should be 500g, and Happy New Year to you.

    I must get on and complete that plan

  2. Katherine

    Let us return to the serious business of the shopping list. I am thinking of various chilli, soy sauce and peanut butter variations as marinades and sauces for the chicken. You must be planning stir fries, perhaps with pancakes. The egg noodles are obviously an important part of the plan. Bearing in mind you usually make lasagne out of self-raising flour and water at 15p for 500g, you really are splashing out. I await the full plan with interest.
    Can you actually get 1kg of lentils for a pound in Asda at the moment?
    Happy New Year!

  3. Lesley

    I do do some design for myself, yes. I use a desktop processor package called Serif Pageplus, or cutting and pasting bits of old cards

    I’ve just completed the new programme for my WI for 2015

    Got a project in mind?

  4. frugalinessex

    I love puzzles but this is beyond me! I’m back at weightwatchers in the morning and although I’m not looking forward to it I need to lose my 50 something midriff. Can I ask you a question please? Do you design greetings cards?

  5. Lesley

    I was rubbish at these as a child, and it seems I still am! AND I used to work in IT so am a very logical person!!

  6. Claudia

    I used to love doing logic puzzles as a kid! It’s late and I’m tired, but I think I have the answer, with the houses from left to right:

    Yellow – Norwegian – hockey – cats – water
    Blue – Dane – baseball – horses – tea
    Red – Brit – polo – birds – milk
    Green – German – soccer – fish – coffee
    White – Swede – billiards – dogs – beer

    After doing the puzzle, I don’t have the energy to suggest any meals, other than you have everything to make a lovely big pot of oup, which is ideal this time of year 🙂

  7. Tracey and Lesley

    Hi mum,

    That’s sounds hard, may have to have a go at that myself! Joy seems to have a good way of working it out, so I’ll try that later. xx

  8. Rhian

    I am a new fan and love your ideas, I have only made the biscuits so far! Did the quizz with my husbands help, you have to draw it and add in each detail until you find the answer! Don’t want to spoil it for anyone xx

  9. Joy Sleeman

    Lesley, my mum used to do these puzzles all the time, I’ve done a few, they come in books, and each one has a table to help you sort out the details. See if this helps you.

    House number 1 2 3 4 5





    House Colour

    You’ll need to print it out and rule the lines in as it wouldn’t upload properly, then put the clues you are given as facts in the right spot , then work out the other clues bit by bit. that’s what I’m goingto do while I’m relaxing on holiday. HTH.


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