Post Christmas Diet

Jan 1, 2014 | 0 comments


imageWell, how was your Christmas and New Year? I had a smashing time, lots of jollity, meeting up with friends and family. Lots of lovely food too. I put weight on easily, and feel too fat now.

Have been thinking for a while now that I really must buckle up and take some serious weight loss action. So today was the day. The start of the New Year diet – I wonder how many thousands of women have said that today? I have done a great many diets in the past, including a very expensive food replacement one. It was very effective, and after the first 3 days, I didn’t feel hungry at all. So I have decided to do that again, but using proper food. So today I have had porridge for breakfast, butternut squash soup for lunch and have the carbonara posted here planned for later – all 200 calorie portions tho, not the full sized versions.

I have made some little pots of coconut dahl and tomato dahl, also in 200 calorie portions. One of the things you need to keep an eye on when eating very little, is making sure you get enough protein every day. Dahl’s are perfect for this as they are packed with protein. Each little 200 calorie pot also works out at less than 20p too – lovely, a lot less than a meal  replacement pack!

I have also been thinking for a while that it would be useful to have the nutrition information on the All Recipes page, so I have been beavering away adding it. I haven’t finished yet, and will be adding more daily. But for all those out there who would like to get started on losing some weight, but don’t want to spend more than £1 a day, I have updated the All Recipes tab with the calorie etc information – hope it helps, and good luck

I did a workout and a stretch out too this morning, using a free app, so am feeling super smug today ;D

Just as well, the weather here is frightful. Increasingly lashing rain and howling wind… all day. Could go a bit stir crazy



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