Filming, working out and power cuts

Feb 1, 2016 | 0 comments


A bit of filming

Did another little bit of filming this morning. I wrote three posts for the Guiness Partnership. The last one being on Valentine’s, which is what they wanted to film – a little bit of talking, and making the main course. The  Valentines one will be up there soon too. A lovely couple of people came down to do it, and after they had left, I found an sd card which they needed to do the edit. Oh dear! I popped it in the post, on the ‘get it there tomorrow’ thing. What a nuisance for them!

Powercuts at the gym

They were only here a couple of hours, so after a bit of lunch, and a bit of faffing about, I nipped up to the gym to do the first workout of the week. About halfway through, pzzzt, the lights all went out. Power cut. I called home and yes, our power was out too. The emergency lights were on, so all the people at the gym carried on working out by what felt like candle light. The coaches carried on coaching, all carrying a torch. It was quite jolly! It was gradually getting dark, and the coaches kept saying, if the lights don’t come on in another ten minutes we’re going to have to close. That ten minutes was repeated several times, so I managed to get through almost everything. The first session is very strenuous, so what with that and hurrying to get through it, you could have plugged me into the light socket I was glowing that much

A review

I’ve got my three week review tomorrow at 8am. I’ve done everything I should have, followed my eating plan and worked out like a demon, but there’s been no movement on the scales. Shame really, it’s been really nice to follow an eating plan and not be hungry all the time.  We’ll see what is recommended tomorrow. Maybe trimming another hundred calories or two might do it. I’m feeling a lot fitter now, which is good. Each week the reps go up, so even in this fourth week, I’m doing a lot more than in week one. I staggered home and collapsed onto the sofa wondering what I could make myself to eat for dinner and still stick to my eating plan without any power.  After sorting out some torches before it got completely dark, suddenly, blink, up came the lights again. We get quite a few power cuts here and it always amazes me on just how much I can’t do. No calls to friends or family, no cooking anything, no cups of tea, difficult to read, no blogging or blog hopping, no Googling etc etc. So I was able to have my chicken and veg, as planned. I might have a look through the freezer this evening, feeling I’ve lost track a bit on what’s in there. I’m working hard on getting supplies down, and I’m actually making progress.



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