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Oh joy and jubilation -I have internet back. I can’t tell you how cut off I have felt. It would have tiny times of on-ness, a few seconds, during which it would download emails and messages, which I could see on the iPad, but then it would  refuse to let me answer them as it had gone off again. Sooo frustrating.

Now for, yet another, mega catch-up……


7Sep15 7pm
No internet today. Even my phone, which is supposed to have its own access, is refusing to work. So I’m typing this in Notes and I’ll upload it when I have internet back.

Another 5:2 day today. I’m doing it twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. For those interested in 600 cals of food (I have 600 as I am tall and substantial, it’s usually recommended that women have 500) I had 200g plums from the garden, Victoria’s, 100g Greek yogurt and 2 tsps Muscovado for breakfast.

Lunch was the last portion of fresh tomato soup and a single bite of one of the herby scones from yesterday.

Dinner was a 100g portion of salmon, simply pan fried in its own fat, with a massive pile of runner beans, a courgette, both from the garden, and a carrot.

Hungry now of course, but in a manageable kind of way, and it doesn’t seem too bad when I know I can eat normally tomorrow. If I can carry on doing it like this, it’s sustainable. Last time I tried it, it kicked off cravings and migraines, so I’m hoping it won’t this time. We shall see.

Went to the gym this evening for the first time in a couple of months. It was good to start getting back into the rhythm of 4 times a week again after such a long lay off. My left hip and knee are stiff and sore and I’m hoping it’s just too much sitting down and not enough exercise rather than joints on their way out. I’ll know after a half dozen gym sessions and a few little walks.

Today I started setting up a days eating for the Guinness  people. At this early stage, it looks very promising for costing up to the £1 a day. So far, I am planning a peach smoothie for breakfast; a vegetable hoummous with crudités and herby scones for lunch; a salad of pasta, feta, beetroot and black olives for dinner; and a peach and cashew muffin ( or two) for snack time.

It will cost much more than £1 to buy all the ingredients of course, but they are all things that are used a lot on Thrifty Lesley, so I’ll give recommendations for using up the ingredients that are leftover.

Playing with Excel was light relief from what I’ve been doing for the last few days. Do you remember the dnsunlocker malware I complained of that had installed itself in my laptop and was causing chaos? I had to have the machine factory reset, which means reloading all the backed up photos, the hundreds of music albums on iTunes, all the documents and all the associated software. The most important file I have is the financial package one I use for everything, including the business. So of course, what was the only file that didn’t survive the process? Yes, of course, it was the finance file. A great many swear words later, I was extremely glad that I still had an old version from November 2014 on Dropbox. So ever since, I have been rebuilding the file. In the event, it isn’t quite as bad a process as I had feared. Very time consuming, with probably a weeks worth of work, but very doable.



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