Spring is Springing

Mar 7, 2015 | 2 comments


I’ve tried testing a recipe three times so far and it just won’t go right, so I’ll delay posting it until it does.

Went out last night for a birthday celebration to Pilio, a fabulous small Greek bistro in Heathfield. It is extremely popular, so popular in fact, that you even have to book for lunch these days, or you just won’t get in. We were a small party of 5, but I prefer smaller groups, I get to talk to everyone, and I can have proper conversations with everybody. We all had a great time.

One of our friends had a few glasses, so left her car at ours and was driven home by a non-drinker and we dropped her car off this morning. On the way back, I popped into Sainsbugs to pick up the ingredients for the Cook Around The World class in Monday evening. We’ll be doing Beef Rendang and Gado Gado. Can’t wait!

Then in the afternoon, I had a go at the greenhouse. Cleaned out all the mouldy old tomato plants from last year and had a good old tidy. Still need to do more before I can sow any seeds out there, but it was a good start. Sorted through the veggie seeds and worked out what I needed to get for this season. I’ll track the costs and produce this year so you can see how much you get for a bit of effort.

Finally, I sorted through my earrings and chucked out a load that had tarnished beyond repair, they’re only costume, so wouldn’t polish up. Then sorted out lots more that can be passed on, and I’ll be taking pictures of those tomorrow. Then sorted through the wardrobe again and sieved out some more stuff that I won’t wear again and bagged it up ready for the charity shop. Plus various pairs of jeans that my bum needs to be smaller before I can wear them again , stashed those out of the way until that day dawns.

Now I’m starting to think about Spring, sowing seeds and gardening in general, I’m panicking about not having anywhere to sit and enjoy the garden for the second year running. I’m so sick of looking at building rubbish, unpainted walls, unfinished everything and a garden in chaos. I’m getting quite tetchy about it all.

It’s been SO lovely to have warm and sunny days, with the evenings gradually spreading out and the garden beginning to stir into life. I love this time of year.



  1. Lesley

    Not quite with you there Jane, what is it you don’t like about it? I took the photo off the Pilio site of some of their delicious home grown olive oil and olives

  2. Jane Hobson

    This photo is appalling. (Sighted) people taste with their eyes as well as their mouths, you know.

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