Happy Valentines!

Feb 14, 2015 | 1 comment


Happy Valentines! DP bought me a big bunch of lilies, my favourite flowers. They will be scenting the whole kitchen in a couple of days.

a close up of a white lily

We were going to have Avocado, Tomato and Orange Salad today, but when I went to Sainsbugs to get the avocados, they were like rocks! I should have known that, I usually have to buy some and then wait for them to soften before we can have them. So a rapid change of plan was needed.

In the end, I went for a Green Thai Chicken Curry. We had that with a pile of brown basmati, our favourite rice.

For pudding we had a version of the Muscovado Cheesecake. I used ordinary white sugar and flavoured it with lemon zest. It was all very yum.

Whether you are celebrating today or not, I hope you have a good day, with as much love as you want.

No gym again today, couldn’t do anything strenuous today. Should be ok to do it tomorrow. Weight is edging down still, 9lbs now and I, at least, can see where it has come off.

It’s Shrove Tuesday next week and I’ll be sharing some ideas for fillings tomorrow.



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  1. Tracey and Lesley

    lol, where’s Sainsbugs then! Haven’t heard of that supermarket.

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